Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….

Omodudu did a post about the oldest blogger in Blogngville, and he gave it to Akin for a post on December 9th 2003. Well, my very first post was Friday, August 08, 2003 on my oldest blog. I've done a bit of moving around in the blogosphere, I moved to 20six for a while, before I set up shop here.

Anyway, after seeing that post, I went back to my old blogs to have a look. I then had the crazy idea that I could import all the posts from those blogs into this one. The blogspot blog was a pain, but after fooling with it since last night, I'll finally managed to import all my old posts from that blog into this one. And it ended up being quite simple, I won't tell you how many other things I tried...lol.

In those good old days, blogging didn't have commenting built in, I used Haloscan for my comments for a while, then I moved to another comment provider, then I lost all my comments. Also, posting pics in your blog wasn't easy, you needed to use HTML to do that, which meant putting the pics on another website, and then linking to them. I moved to 20six mainly because I could get comments and post pictures free of charge.

Wordpress 2.2 will have the Blogger importer built in, but if you have a blog on wordpress.com, it's already there, so I signed up for one, imported the 97 posts from there, and then exported them out to this blog. Anyway, enough tech talk......

I used to blog under my real name then, and I put in a lot of my friend's real names as well. I'll going to have to go through all the posts, and do a bit of editing, which will take me a while. Also, I've lost a lot of pictures on the posts.

I'm still trying to find a way to export my 20six blog to here, anyone with any ideas please let me know.......I'll be very grateful if you could help.


  1. Oh well, now I I have to return the crown. Please pay shipping and handling.In 2003 I was still finding my footing in grad school. Blog ko blog ni. hehehe. I am impressed sha.

  2. Thursday, March 20th 2003 on Xanga, boys, read it and be in awe ;)

    Did you get my e-mail about the 20six thing, Boso?