Deaths on the streets of London


Three teenage boys killed, all in the same area of London, two of them in their own homes. An entire nation starts to wonder why this 'crime wave' is happening. It might seem strange to foreigners like myself, but you have to realize that in the UK, owning a gun in itself is a crime. Also, the police don't routinely carry guns, so how can they fight against these boys?

Politicians are jumping on the bandwagon. Armed police are patrolling the streets in South London, but forget it, this is just for cosmetic effect, similar to when we had police all over the place after the July the 7th bombings.

David Cameron is trying to seize an opportunity, by calling for more powers to "compel" fathers to look after their children in an effort to tackle gang culture. Oh please. How do you force a man to look after his kids? Especially when he and the mother don't have a viable relationship, will forcing them to stay together solve anything? If anything, bringing up a child in an atmosphere of chaos might actually do more harm than good.

First of all, let's brush Cameron out of the way. His parents were rich, no super rich. He went to Eton, a £25,000 public school. While he was at Oxford, he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a socially exclusive student drinking society. Membership was invitation only, and you had to come from a wealthy family. Members would dress up in some strange customes, book a private dining room under an assumed name, then physically destroy it. Very large amounts of cash are then offered to the owners to pay them off for the destruction. So, David Cameron always had his 'daddy's money' to help him out when he needed it. So what does he know about living from hand to mouth, struggling to make need meet, and looking after a family at the same time? So please, Mr. Cameron, you may have had a great, rich daddy, but don't think that makes you qualified to lecture the rest of us about family values.

Take a look at this :

A single crime horrifies the nation and captures the imagination - it is the death of a child. A young leader of the opposition declares that this crime typifies what is wrong with British values. His message is clear - only his election can bring about the necessary change.

The killing - Politician A says - is 'a hammer-blow against the sleeping conscience of the country'. It is time, he went on, that we accepted we couldn't have rights without responsibilities'.

Listen now to Politician B talking about another crime. He called for a "complete change in our values" declaring that "we have got to sit up and realize we are running things by the wrong values".

Politician A was Tony Blair (at the time, shadow home secretary) speaking about the murder of James Bulger in 1993.

Politician B is David Cameron speaking about the murder of Billy Cox in 2007.

Damn politicians. Never believe a word they say.

These killings are symptomatic of a problem that has existed for years. Hundreds of years ago, villages raided other villages, captured everyone they could, and sold them as slaves to the white merchants, for guns and booze. They got drunk, picked up the guns, and went to raid another village to get another fix. In the US, black on black crime tops all statistics. And now, in the UK, where black people are a minority, black on black crime is so prevalent, the Metropolitan police have a specialist unit for it. It's on the news every day. People coming up with their theories on how to stop it, why it happens, appealing to their fellow black men to stop the killing.

Before you ask, I'm black, so don't call me a racist. Don't try and be politically correct, that's what has perpetuated this problem for centuries.

I don't have any solutions. But if UK politicians want to figure out what has caused this spate of killings, that's it, no need to make any cheap speeches to gain popularity. Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, none of you have the courage to say what's going on, you're afraid you'll offend the ethnic minorities.

Gangs are largely a black problem, and you're going to need their help to solve this problem. But don't hold your breath, this problem has been around for a long time, and I'm not sure it's going to disappear soon.


  1. I do agree that it's opportunism on Cameron's part, however, I do think he has a point. The break down of the family unit and family values is reflected in behavioral issues, but I think it goes deeper than trying to make couples stay together, which is silly if they can't make it work, I think society as a whole needs to change, Values have corroded massively, we need to encourage responsibility in sex, and responsibility in parenting. Increased promiscuity was always going to result in more children being born with no family structure whatsoever and that is potentially very damaging. I think if society had a more mature outlook on sex and birth control, it would help, and also on not having children if you're not in a very stable relationship.

  2. I agree with pete- david cameron is saying the truth;he just happens to be a politician. Though he could have made it more controversial if he had directed that to the black community because as things are black people in this country are just on their own, they are not involved whatsoever in anything to do with the country as a whole only pops up when there's a "gun crime".
    As for labour- they'll just tax people more to have money for renovation of these "estates" make it lok good all in the hope the problems will solve itself, they'll provide more money for "youth clubs" so that these "troubled youths can go after school (basically because their parent are working so hard to pay the tax)
    hmm so many theories/counselors/psycologist on t.v no solution-just talk talk talk

  3. It is appalling. The new craze of shooting dead victims in their own homes for 'respect'. The must all be brought to justice. This all stems from the freehand given teenagers nowadays. They are treated with kids gloves and thus feel they can get away with a lot of things - murder included.

  4. hello there..first of all can i just say..like the layout change ..looks kewl bro!..as for the sad and tragic shootings of teenagers going on down there...i agree that the politicians will change their tune depending on the situation...gang violence has been around for a long time...the breakdown of family values is one of the reasons...its not the only one. Uneven economic growth of different groups/ethnic minorities is also a major cause...

    While its shocking and distressing to see the levels of violence especially gun violence...it will require tackling the core issues here....and I must agree that none of the political parties have a clue as to how to proceed when it comes to that...their statements recently released border on the farcical..come on Mr Cameron..yeah right..lets force fathers n mothers who hate each other to stay along...thats the solution..sheesh...and pete makes very valid points as regards the sex education..the number of single teenage mothers is not something that helps....and there is freedom here for kids and teenagers ..hey its great...its one of our core values and the right of eveyr human being...but freedom without boundaries will lead to chaos...and i believe its about time some body stepped up and did something about that...

  5. Pete : How does Cameron want to legislate for the family to get back together. I agree with you that the breakdown of the family unit is to blame, but that's not for politicians to fix, not in a 5 year term anyway.

    Dami: That's all we're going to get, talk, talk, talk, it's not an easy problem to solve, and this is why I'm glad I'm not a politician !!

    CalabarGal: The police need to be more effective, and if more people are caught, it will be an effective detterent.

    sppadic: I agree with you, uneven economic growth feeds the belief that there is no hope for you if you're muslim or black.

  6. Sorry, that was longer than I thought ;)

  7. Boso, I agree, it can't be solely a legislative answer to a problem that has deeper social reasons, however, regardless of how long a person will be in office they have to do their best to address the issue.

    * I see it as part of a wider issue, I'd give tax breaks for married families raising children, because I think the traditional family unit with a married mother and father is the optimum way to have children. It's not the only way, and sometimes single parents do an amazing job, better than married ones, but all to often they can't and they struggle, and both parties suffer. We should encourage the value of marriage.

    * I'd stop giving council houses to young single mums in most circumstances, they would be looked after communally in a larger place. Why do we reward 16 and 17 year old girls for getting themselves pregnant when not in a stable relationship? Young people with jobs face innumerable challenges to get a home, yet get yourself knocked up at 17 and you can get a council house? Not fair in the slightest. Yes, society should see to looking after people, but that can be done while stopping short of giving them homes and shed loads of benefits.

    * I'd redistribute the former council homes this freed up to newly married couples from a list, with the homes going to the least financially able and the key workers first.

    * I'd reverse the legislation forcing adoption agencies to give children to gay couples. I'd still allow gay couples to adopt, but forcing people like the catholic agencies that have an excellent track record to change their ways and beliefs is not fair, we should instead be applauding the work they do.

    * I'd make anyone receiving JobSeekers do twelve hours a week doing some form of work that helps the community. They should do something to benefit society in return for the benefit society is giving to them. This would make things more uncomfortable for those abusing the system, and further encourage people to seek work.

    * For the kids, I'd limit the violence allowed in computer games. It's a fantasy and it's fun to go play shoot 'em ups, but excessive violence and law breaking trivializes a serious issue.

    * Also for kids, no hanging around in large groups hassling people, I'd give the police the right to disperse said groups if they were intimidating people and put curfews on the children involved banning them from congregating in groups. They don't do it? Then their child support is stopped, so their parents have a reason to help keep them in line more. (This would be filtered back into the system as the tax breaks assigned above for families.)

    Anyway, I'm not expert is social policy, these are just a few things that I think would help tilt the status quo back towards a better society. Yes, some of them are harsh, but then treating everyone with kid gloves and being nice isn't having any positive effect, the decrease in discipline has been matched by certain aspects of society getting worse, in some cases, discipline, though not attractive to our more liberal minds, is the only way to do things.

  8. I'm quite concerned because I have two little boys. A high percentage of black families are without a father in the home, hmmm... Most black boys dont have positive role models, hmmm...

    Growing up in Nigeria, this was not the case and I think this is 'symptomic' of western societies where slavery eroded the fabric of black family life. It's difficult to repair what has become so deeply engrained.

    During the Christmas holidays, i visited Jos and a trader left my sister in law, my brother and I alone in his shop while he went to get us what we requested (he didnt have it in stock). I can imagine the fainting spells a typical westerner will have on hearing that...afterall, all blacks are supposed to have thieving tendencies, no?

  9. Pete: All very, very good ideas. Pete for PM !! The question is, will any government have the guts to do any of this. I particulary like the idea of not giving young single mums council houses, I heard (but can't confirm), that girls who want to leave home get pregnant, and get council homes. It's like the woman on TV who had 3 teenage daughters who had all given birth, and she was actually blaming the government? What????

    Nomad: You're too right. Back in Nigeria, we're taught to have respect for our elders, from day one, not like here. That in itself means you have respect for authority, which goes a long way.

  10. They are not going to be able to get fathers to take more of a role in their children's upbringings until they first allow fathers the automatic right to have a role in their children's lives. How can any government deny the rights of fatherhood and then, at the same time, demand that fathers be more involved?