My American trip has been cancelled, which means I'm going to be all by myself for a week. Not good at all.

The blog is undergoing some transformation, this layout is temporary, will be looking for something else over the next one week.


  1. What are we going to do with the cheer leaders, and the marching band we have in waiting. Please advise.

  2. Sorry to hear it Boso! Not fair in the slightest.

    I'm also sorry if people cropping up on 20six with this layout has put you off it, but the Germans decided to include their 8 fave wordpress themes as standard and this was one they chose!

  3. Omodudu - Seen. Tell them to hold on, I'll be there.

    Pete - I had no idea till you told me !!!!!! I've just been there, even changed the layout of my 20six blog. No fair !! Now, I definately need to change the layout !

  4. Oops. No one to keep you company -- not even Baby O :(

  5. Aww, sorry to hear about your cancelled trip, Boso. Perhaps you could accompany the missus and bubby to Europe? Look forward to the redesign :) xx