A blast from the past

Going through my old posts was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I had to check to make sure I removed all personal names, and then also filed all 97 newly imported posts into relevant categories. I've finished now, but here were some eye catching posts from yesteryear.

Billboard top 10, all black artists for the first time - BLACK POWER !!

Computer Modelling and Bush Meat - Not that's what I call research

Why women fall in love quicker than men


Stevie G becomes Liverpool captain - Here we are, one Champions League and FA Cup Thriller later. At the time, I thought Owen was the best man for the job !!

Gerard Houllier tipped Steve Gerrard to be European footballer of the year - Has not yet happened, but he's won tons of personal awards, including the UEFA Champions League MVP for 2005, and PFA player of the year. And of course, who can forget the Gerrard final ?

Chelsea stealing Peter Kenyon from Man U - This was a key moment into making them the club they are today.


  1. Wow! Some interesting stuff there.

  2. ahh some great memories in there bro..especially on the footie front and also others..i still remember my old posts about the footie posts especially THAT final in Istanbul and in Cardiff..hehe remember that phone conversation while watching the champions league final hehe great memories indeed..ahh and i have to thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging..you and our dear friend the crazy malaysian.u know the resident..not been on his blog for sooo long...:-) .spoke to him recently..enjoying life back home and works going great..sends his regards by the way..talk bout blasts from the past..god time sure does fly..anyways back to work now..great posts bro!