Drug Dealers vs. Software Developers

Drug Dealers

Software Developers

Refer to their clients as "users"

Refer to their clients as "users"

"The first one's free!"

"Download a free trial version..."

Have important Asian connections.

Have important Asian connections.

Strange jargon:
"Hit (LSD)"
"The Pigs"

Strange jargon:
"Hit (WWW)"

Realize that there's tons of cash
in the 14- to 25-year-old market

Realize that there's tons of cash
in the 14- to 25-year-old market

Clients really like your stuff when it works.
When it doesn't work they want to kill you.

Clients really like your stuff when it works.
When it doesn't work they want to kill you.

Job is assisted by the industry's
producing newer, more potent product.

Job is assisted by the industry's
producing newer, more potent products.

Often seen in the company of pimps,
hustlers and low-lifes.

Often seen in the company of marketing
people, venture capitalists and fund managers.

When things go wrong, a "fix" is just
a phone call away, but may be expensive.

When things go wrong, a "fix" is just
a phone call away, but may be expensive.

A lot of people are getting rich
while still teenagers.

A lot of people are getting rich
while still teenagers.

Product causes unhealthy addictions

DOOM, Quake, SimCity, Duke Nukem 3D...

Do your job well and you can sleep with
sexy movie stars who depend on you.

Damn! DAMN!!!

I got this from here.


You couldn’t make it up……

All this week, the newspapers were full of stories of how Craig Bellamy got into a fight with John Arne Riise while Liverpool were in a training camp, and attacked the Norwegian with a golf club. According to the press, the entire camp was in turmoil, and goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek had a clash with police. Bellamy was on his way out they said.

Well, the lads responded in the best possible fashion. The European champions of 2006 were beaten AT HOME by the champions of 2005.  When Deco scored in the 14th minute, I thought it was a case of how many. But Criag Bellamy scored one, and then set up Riise for the second, and would you believe, we came out of the Nou Camp with 2 away goals, and a win to boot.

So was it poetic justice that Bellamy and Riise linked up to give Liverpool the much needed win? It was our destiny, says the Welshman.

We still have 90 minutes of football to play at Fotress Anfield, but it's looking good. But don't expect Barcelona to lie down and play dead, they're going to come out fighting, and hopefully Liverpool will be ready.

Mmmm, I remember not to long ago Chxta was talking about how Liverpool didn't stand a chance. Let me quote from his blog :

"......The Cameroonian's return from injury was supposed to spur the team to new heights ahead of their elimination of Liverpool (sorry Boso, but that is a certainty), but instead it has triggered a ruckus...."

So my friend, tell me, how does humble pie taste ?


I need attendance from my nurse around the clock…..

'Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

The last few days, I've been swallowing a load of this.......

Yeah, I've been ill since Saturday. Managed to work from home this afternoon, and I'll be in again tomorrow, not at 100%, but I'm doing ok.

My wife and baby left yesterday, so I'm all alone. It's lonely, and miserable in this house without them. 7 days to go till I see them again, but I'm missing them like CRAZY.....


This blog’s RSS feed….

seems to change when I change the Wordpress theme/layout.

Please update the feed details to http://feeds.feedburner.com/Bosome

I've reverted back to the original theme/layout, and will hold out till this weekend before changing it again.



My American trip has been cancelled, which means I'm going to be all by myself for a week. Not good at all.

The blog is undergoing some transformation, this layout is temporary, will be looking for something else over the next one week.


Deaths on the streets of London


Three teenage boys killed, all in the same area of London, two of them in their own homes. An entire nation starts to wonder why this 'crime wave' is happening. It might seem strange to foreigners like myself, but you have to realize that in the UK, owning a gun in itself is a crime. Also, the police don't routinely carry guns, so how can they fight against these boys?

Politicians are jumping on the bandwagon. Armed police are patrolling the streets in South London, but forget it, this is just for cosmetic effect, similar to when we had police all over the place after the July the 7th bombings.

David Cameron is trying to seize an opportunity, by calling for more powers to "compel" fathers to look after their children in an effort to tackle gang culture. Oh please. How do you force a man to look after his kids? Especially when he and the mother don't have a viable relationship, will forcing them to stay together solve anything? If anything, bringing up a child in an atmosphere of chaos might actually do more harm than good.

First of all, let's brush Cameron out of the way. His parents were rich, no super rich. He went to Eton, a £25,000 public school. While he was at Oxford, he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a socially exclusive student drinking society. Membership was invitation only, and you had to come from a wealthy family. Members would dress up in some strange customes, book a private dining room under an assumed name, then physically destroy it. Very large amounts of cash are then offered to the owners to pay them off for the destruction. So, David Cameron always had his 'daddy's money' to help him out when he needed it. So what does he know about living from hand to mouth, struggling to make need meet, and looking after a family at the same time? So please, Mr. Cameron, you may have had a great, rich daddy, but don't think that makes you qualified to lecture the rest of us about family values.

Take a look at this :

A single crime horrifies the nation and captures the imagination - it is the death of a child. A young leader of the opposition declares that this crime typifies what is wrong with British values. His message is clear - only his election can bring about the necessary change.

The killing - Politician A says - is 'a hammer-blow against the sleeping conscience of the country'. It is time, he went on, that we accepted we couldn't have rights without responsibilities'.

Listen now to Politician B talking about another crime. He called for a "complete change in our values" declaring that "we have got to sit up and realize we are running things by the wrong values".

Politician A was Tony Blair (at the time, shadow home secretary) speaking about the murder of James Bulger in 1993.

Politician B is David Cameron speaking about the murder of Billy Cox in 2007.

Damn politicians. Never believe a word they say.

These killings are symptomatic of a problem that has existed for years. Hundreds of years ago, villages raided other villages, captured everyone they could, and sold them as slaves to the white merchants, for guns and booze. They got drunk, picked up the guns, and went to raid another village to get another fix. In the US, black on black crime tops all statistics. And now, in the UK, where black people are a minority, black on black crime is so prevalent, the Metropolitan police have a specialist unit for it. It's on the news every day. People coming up with their theories on how to stop it, why it happens, appealing to their fellow black men to stop the killing.

Before you ask, I'm black, so don't call me a racist. Don't try and be politically correct, that's what has perpetuated this problem for centuries.

I don't have any solutions. But if UK politicians want to figure out what has caused this spate of killings, that's it, no need to make any cheap speeches to gain popularity. Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, none of you have the courage to say what's going on, you're afraid you'll offend the ethnic minorities.

Gangs are largely a black problem, and you're going to need their help to solve this problem. But don't hold your breath, this problem has been around for a long time, and I'm not sure it's going to disappear soon.

Sing when we’re winning…….

Stevie Gerrard comes to town,
Stevie Gerrard loves this town,
He lobs the ball from 40 yards,
And the glory's on the cards...........

Football crowds. 44,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs. But what I love the most about football crowds are the chants. All those people thinking as one, praising their heroes, goading the opposing fans, making fun of Jose Mourhino (well, everywhere but Chelsea!), it is absolutely brilliant.

BBC's Quotes of the week now has a section for the best chants of the week. Some of them are so funny, I find myself giggling at work. Anyway, I felt I had to share the ones I liked the most.......

"There's only one Harry Redknapp!"
Man City fans to Southampton fans in response to chants of "Glory, glory, Man Utd!"

"We want five."
Man Utd fans after going 4-0 up at Tottenham.
"We want one!"
Spurs fans reply

"2-0 to the En-g-land."
Tottenham fans to Arsenal fans during the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final.
“Two nil and you ****** it up!"
Arsenal fans retaliate after Baptista equalises.
"Are you Tottenham in disguise?"
Arsenal fans to Spurs supporters during the Gunners' extra time win in the Carling Cup Semi-Final second leg.

"That's why we're in the Premiership."
Middlesborough fans after going 2-0 up against Bristol City in the FA Cup.
"That’s why you're going down!"
Bristol City fans respond after seeing their side pin it back to 2-2.

“We're s***, but we love our team!"
Watford fans after going 4-0 down to Man Utd.

"We're not famous any more."
Leeds fans during their latest defeat to Norwich.

Newcastle fans to West Ham fans: "Going down, going down, going down."
West Ham fans to Newcastle fans: "So are we, so are we, so are we!"

"You're just a small club with money."
Chant by Wigan fans to Chelsea counterparts - seemingly with no sense of irony!

Of course, I had to end it with one about Chelsea ;)


A blast from the past

Going through my old posts was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I had to check to make sure I removed all personal names, and then also filed all 97 newly imported posts into relevant categories. I've finished now, but here were some eye catching posts from yesteryear.

Billboard top 10, all black artists for the first time - BLACK POWER !!

Computer Modelling and Bush Meat - Not that's what I call research

Why women fall in love quicker than men


Stevie G becomes Liverpool captain - Here we are, one Champions League and FA Cup Thriller later. At the time, I thought Owen was the best man for the job !!

Gerard Houllier tipped Steve Gerrard to be European footballer of the year - Has not yet happened, but he's won tons of personal awards, including the UEFA Champions League MVP for 2005, and PFA player of the year. And of course, who can forget the Gerrard final ?

Chelsea stealing Peter Kenyon from Man U - This was a key moment into making them the club they are today.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….

Omodudu did a post about the oldest blogger in Blogngville, and he gave it to Akin for a post on December 9th 2003. Well, my very first post was Friday, August 08, 2003 on my oldest blog. I've done a bit of moving around in the blogosphere, I moved to 20six for a while, before I set up shop here.

Anyway, after seeing that post, I went back to my old blogs to have a look. I then had the crazy idea that I could import all the posts from those blogs into this one. The blogspot blog was a pain, but after fooling with it since last night, I'll finally managed to import all my old posts from that blog into this one. And it ended up being quite simple, I won't tell you how many other things I tried...lol.

In those good old days, blogging didn't have commenting built in, I used Haloscan for my comments for a while, then I moved to another comment provider, then I lost all my comments. Also, posting pics in your blog wasn't easy, you needed to use HTML to do that, which meant putting the pics on another website, and then linking to them. I moved to 20six mainly because I could get comments and post pictures free of charge.

Wordpress 2.2 will have the Blogger importer built in, but if you have a blog on wordpress.com, it's already there, so I signed up for one, imported the 97 posts from there, and then exported them out to this blog. Anyway, enough tech talk......

I used to blog under my real name then, and I put in a lot of my friend's real names as well. I'll going to have to go through all the posts, and do a bit of editing, which will take me a while. Also, I've lost a lot of pictures on the posts.

I'm still trying to find a way to export my 20six blog to here, anyone with any ideas please let me know.......I'll be very grateful if you could help.


Half term holidays

I love them. Don't get me wrong, Baby O can't even sit up, let alone start school.

 What I love is how there's no traffic during the half term holiday in the morning rush hour. My commute to work is a 20 minute drive. I drive past two schools, with parents dropping off their kids and mad traffic everywhere.

This morning, I did door to door in 7 minutes. Next week, the kids will be back though, but hopefully, I'll be away for at least a week and a half.....................


Oh the weather outside is……….

Well, see for yourself...

Our garden


Our Street

The car

Left the house to go to work. Got stuck in traffic. Normally, work is 12 minutes away. After sitting in traffic for 30 minutes, I decided to turn round, I had to use some VERY SLIPPERY side roads to get back home.

Anyway, snow has wrecked havoc on the South East of England today, 6 inches !! Schools shut, and I heard that the office was empty.

I'm not a big fan of the white stuff, but it is pretty to look at, until it starts melting and becomes a slushy, slippery, horrible substance that is a menace to society.


When it’s cold outside…..

Last night, I got home to find that the central heating had finally packed up. It had been giving trouble for a few days, but gave up the ghost yesterday. There are some things you take for granted, especially at this time of year, like hot running water. I drove around at 9pm looking for electric heaters at the 24 hour Tesco, but they'd run out. So, we all put on several layers, especially little Baby O, but it was bitterly cold.

I was scheduled to work from home today, but it was tough. The heater was finally fixed this evening, and believe me, I appreciate the boiler in the loft more than ever now !!

In other news, while I'm on my trip, my wife is going to see her sister in Milan. She's wanted to go there for a while now, and I really wish I could have gone with her and Baby O, but on the other hand, I'm glad that for most of the time I'm away, she won't be on her own.

We have 6 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow morning, and it will still be snowing during rush hour. I only live 10 minutes away from work, but we've all been sent emails asking us to work from home tomorrow if possible, and not to risk getting stuck in the snow. I'll make up my mind tomorrow, but there's a lot of work I need to do in the office, and I'm scheduled to work from home on Friday..........


A trip of firsts….

OK, it's confirmed (kind of), so here we go.

I'll be taking my first ever business trip in a few weeks.

It will also be my first ever visit to the USA, or 'God's own country' as some Nigerians call it.

I'll be in New Jersey for a few days, then spend a weekend exploring New York, then it's off to Virginia for a training course, before I come back 'home' to London Heathrow.

I'm really looking forward to it, and I suspect my wife is fed up of me talking about the trip.

Hopefully, I'll take loads of pics and post here, will also try and blog from there. Right now, I'm checking all my gadgets and sadly, finding out that most of them don't work with 110 V !!!


Pinch, Punch……….

First of the month.

Great news on the Baby O front, after initially turning down WySoy, Baby O finally took it 24 hours later !! And she's been gobbling it up every day since Tuesday. Well, it's only been 3 days, but we are so relieved.

I upgraded the software on my blog to Wordpress 2.1, only to find out that several plugins no longer work. The funny thing is that my other blog upgraded, but not in the same way, in fact, it's close to un-usable. Thankfully, I blog effectively enough using the Windows Live Writer, so at least I'm happy.

Might be traveling for work in a few weeks, almost confirmed, should know for sure tomorrow. The trip has been in the offing for a while, but it kept getting canceled, postponed, etc, so I decided to keep quiet about it for now. But it looks very likely to go ahead now. I'm going to miss my wife, and my lovely daughter so much. Will she remember me when I get back I wonder?

Anyway, the first month of 2007 is already over !! Time flies, eh?