Made me chuckle

This is a cartoon from a Nigerian newspaper (The guardian). It summarises how 'effective' the Nigerian Police force is.



  1. Ha ha. That's normal with the police, although this carton strays away from the real thing. They're more likely to arrest the person who reported a crime because he might be 'involved' than to arrest the actual criminals. So sad...

  2. I had to read that twice before I got it, lol, am a bit slow today :)
    Glad to hear that baby O had a great first xmas! I felt v sorry for your poor wife when I read the entire list of food! Lol. Hope you helped with the washing up! :)
    Happy new year Boso, hope this year brings you even sweeter memories xx

  3. Lol, so true. See them arriving years after the incident. The robbers even have more sophisticated weapons than they do!