Liverpool 2 - Chelsea 0


Check out the second wonder goal.

Arsenal beat Manchester United tonight 2-1, and the title race is ON. It was a shocker for Man U, they thought they'd won until 2 late goals from Van Persie (who broke his foot scoring) and Henry turned things around.

Anyway, I think we have 4 teams who could potentially win it this season.

Man U - Still in the lead, and playing very well. It will take a minor disaster for them to surrender their entire lead.

¢h€£$k¥ - 6 points behind Man U, it's amazing how we've been fed stories about how they have an amazing squad, and two teams that can potentially win the title. Injuries to Petr Cech and John Terry have turned their defence into a joke, and Makelele's suspension yesterday meant their 'team' yesterday was rubbish at the back, and crap in front.

Liverpool - Doing very well despite injuries to Sissoko and Garcia, potentially our best performers this season when they were fit. 5 points behind Chelsea, and the way they're playing, maybe not for too long.

Arsenal - Just a point behind Liverpool. They played well today, but is this young squad good enough to go all the way? We shall see, but it's a big ask.

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  1. ahhh yes finally a victory over the chelski in the premiership...i do believe the title race is on but still believe its man united s to throw away..i honestly cant see liverpool gaining a 12 point swing over united or even arsenal for that matter...if it does happen that the reds produce an istanbul like miracle to win the title..this surely will be one memorable title...having said all that..theres always hope...:-) liverpool have to be consistent and keep winning all their games..and theres still man u n arsenal to play at home..which are huge games but it could now decide where the title goes come end of the season...