Life is good

First of all, Jade 'Dumb Ass' Goody got voted off last night from Celebrity Big Brother.

There's talk of her fighting to save her "career", I'll pray every day for that to turn out to be true. But then again, a career in what? It's only in the UK that you can be famous for 'being famous". She has built a career from doing reality TV shows and magazine interviews. Much like Jordan and Peter Andre, but I digress. (Let's not spoil the mood, shall we?)

And secondly....

stand up for the heroes of Anfield, who defeated the evil Chelski. We're now 5 points behind Chelsea, so you know what? they are catchable. And 11 points behind Man U, are they catchable? Who knows. But like the skipper said today "Let's take it one match at a time."


  1. when you walk through the storm,...you know the rest!:-) and jade goody...sorry dont even want to waste my time on her.

  2. I wish Jade had been given a proper eviction and then she would have seen the full impact of her horrible behaviour in the house. Lorraine Kelly called for a boycott of Jade by the papers but NOTW has gone and done an interview with her with the so called proceeds being given to charity. There they go again!! I used to adore Jade but now, I'm not so sure I like her anymore.

    I was so sad Chelski couldnt score aginst Liverpool. Dont laugh too soon. All it takes is Man U to have a couple of draws and losses and we'll be on top of the league table again. So Liverpool - take it one game at a time. Dont pop the champagne over catching up with chelski too soon!! It may never happen. LOL!!!

    I can almost hear you saying in the background - Yeah Right!!! (smile)

  3. For brushing ¢h€£$k¥ aside, I have to thank the bleeding Scousers. Yuck...

  4. Hold on... the Reds won? Against one of the almighty giftshops? I've woken up in a parallel universe again, haven't I? I like this universe.

    Mind you, I must defend Peter Andre and Jordan. Peter is a nice guy whose career was originally cut short for no other reason than teen mags being fickle. He can sing well and deserves a second wind. And the thing that irritates me most about Jordan is that she's more talented than a page 3 model has any right to be...

  5. sppadic my man: Today is a good day to be a Liverpool fan.

    Calabar Gal: First of all, I agree with you, Jade should have been allowed to face a crowd. Maybe someone would have thrown an egg on her or something. Sadly the British press will print anything about anyone, I was so sure she would get an interview. Good thing I don't read that stupid tabloid......

    Oh, and by the way, Liverpool are much closer to ¢h€£$k¥ than ¢h€£$k¥ is to Man U. And if you asked me to predict which team would mess up first, it will be the boys from West London (who at this point in time, don't know the difference between their asses and their elbows). Their defence was a shambles, and going forward, they were useless, they didn't even give the Liverpool keeper any good saves to make !! So stop looking up at Man U. Look down at Liverpool and Arsenal, and be afraid, be very afraid.

    Chxta: Good boy. Give credit where it's due. I would congratulate Juve as well, but unfortunately, I don't indulge myself with the happenings of the 'lower leagues', you get me?

  6. hmm evil chelski you know lol, liverpool the leaking basket ahh bless Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal