Let battle commence

In the left corner, wearing yellow trunks, and weighing in at 900g, it's Cow and Gate InfaSoy !!

Infa Soy

And in the right corner, wearing green and white trunks, and also weighing in at 900g, it's SMA WySoy !!


So wo will win the heart and mind of Baby O? Only time will tell.

First of all, my wife and I need the courage to try one of them on her, although at this moment, we're leaning towards WySoy. Both quite expensive though, about twice the cost of normal baby formula.

 Let's just hope she likes at least one of them !!


  1. Fingers croosed for you, dude!

  2. May it be a smooth sailing cruise all the way and not a battle like you are anticipating. (smile) Cheers!!

  3. hey great about the reds yesterday n as i told u last nite..ur commentary had me on the edge of my seat!:-) and i bet ur relieved that baby o has finally made her choice ...hope she n mommy O are both doing great!

  4. Jeez,

    I recommended this weeeeks ago!! I'm so cool! lol. Hope she likes one of them

  5. Guys, great news, she eventually took it after refusing it on the first day.

    T-Minx - Nice one.....