I’ll try to……….

...blog more often. I've been a bit busy this month, so I can't blog at work anymore, and when I get home, I try to rest and help with the baby, so I'm not exactly free to blog either.

Anyway, for those of you in the UK, what do you have to say about this Big Brother fiasco. I've just heard Edwina Currie call Jade & co. "slags" on "Question Time". Basically, in Celebrity Big Brother, three stupid ignorant morons have been bullying a young Indian girl in the house, and the bullying has racial undertones to it. It's generated MASSIVE debate all over the country, everyone is talking about it, from the Prime Minister to the man on the street in India !!

I haven't been watching it, but from what I've read, I would say that the remarks made and insults handed out are definitely racist. It's so sad that this poor Indian girl has to deal with these 3 cows, 3 women who don't deserve to walk the streets, who became celebrities for absolutely pointless reasons, who don't have an iota of class in their bodies.

Shilpa Shetty, if it was up to me, you'd win this competition, teach those idiots a lesson in grace.

*In case you were wondering, I'm really worked up about this whole thing*


  1. Regardless of what people say, I've got to give it to her. She takes her role of representing Asia very seriously and so far has borne everything gracefully.

    There's no telling what I'd have done if I were in her shoes.

  2. hey bro.ditto to the comments made earlier..and while i do understand this is a very big issue..surely the news shouldnt start with this newsitem..a few people died yesterday due to the severe weather conditions..prioritize please...but on the issue itself,being an Indian, i think what would have got my blood boiling is the comments about the slums, the way we cook food..to name a few...

    Racism is just bigotry based on race or a persons appearance...so i dont think theres any need to skirt around the issue..afterall look at who is making these statements..the less said about the THREE ,,,the better..they are just ignorant and stupid..and thats that...well one things for sure..tonights eviction is definitely going to be interesting...I just hope whatever happens a bit of sense prevails...

    Being Indian i must also add that we are not so high and mighty ourselves..infact no country is truly non-racist..there are always class clashes in all countries which then do sometimes sadly lead to racist behaviour...its a sad part of our world today that bigots still exist in all parts of the world. hey atleast one way or another i hope all this crap ends tonight....**rant over**

  3. Jade's apologised for calling her "Shilpa Poppadum", so that's all alright then isn't it? P.S. My blog is listed on your blogroll, yay, I am so proud! I always liked your blog, even on 20six when I was someone else.

  4. That there are still people who act like that in this day and age is something that makes me shiver to the core and makes my blood boil. As much as I believe in complete freedom of speech and thought, imposing that kind of behaviour and treating a fellow human being in such a manner is among the most reprehensible things I can think of. I hope that people learn lessons from this fiasco.

  5. Shilpa Shetty, if it was up to me, you'd win too. And not just because you're startlingly pretty either.