Got milk?

Went to Gloucester on Saturday to see my brother. We got back at about 7pm, and decided to try out baby formula on Baby O.

5 minutes after feeding, and her face was covered with hives/rashes, and she was in obvious discomfort. We deduced that the milk must have done something to her, and maybe she was allergic to milk, the last time she had formula, she ended up in hospital. Anyway, we decided to let her sleep it off, and hopefully she would be better in the morning.

She eventually went to bed. I decided to check in on her about an hour later, and found her with vomit all over her. She had done a massive vomit in her bed, and had not even woken up !! Her face was COMPLETELY CLEAR though !! It took about half an hour to get her cleaned up and clean up her sleeping area, and she threw up a bit more, but she was fine.

We've asked around, and we've been told that she may not be allergic to milk, that maybe we should wait for a while longer before we introduce it to her. Even if she does end up being allergic, apparently most kids grow out of it in time.

Thankfully, all is well now, and my little angel is doing great.


  1. Wow! Do people actually get allergic to milk? How old is she?

  2. My God baby went through the same thing, it took her a while to pull through, we even tried importing formula for Nigeria, we thought it was her pako gene, but she still had some rashes on her legs and arm. But she is fine now.

  3. Omodudu, I would be very interested to know how long it took for your baby to get over it. We were hoping to start day care soon, and need to find a solution quickly.

    Azuka, apparently, it is very common in babies, which is why you are advised to breastfeed for the first 6 months. Their immune systems think the milk protein is dangerous, and try to fight it. Most of them grow out of it though.

  4. Oh, and she's 15 weeks old.

  5. That all sounds a little disconcerting. Glad to hear she's okay.

  6. Its so frightening though isn't. She should be fine. Maybe avoidence until you find out what she can tolerate. I had to eat everything Gluten free when I was a baby. It took doctors along time to diagnose and my mum was beside herself with worry.

  7. My aunt used to get loads of rashes and pass out from milk allergy as a baby. So they gave her pap only. I don't know if she still is but I don't think they bothered to reintroduce it to her. Maybe you should try Soya Milk for now.

  8. Sorry I'm late, things have been crazy and I have not had a chance to read latley.
    That sounds really scary. My advise would be to avoid all milk until 6 months.
    It sounds like her little system definetly can not handle the milk.
    Better safe than sorry rite?