Well, it's a bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I've been so busy at work, blogging and keeping up with blogs has been close to impossible. Anyway, 2007 has been good so far (apart from last night's football match, anyone who mentions it will be shot!). Work is going very well, and things are going onwards and upwards. I passed my driving test on Friday. There's so much going on that I can't really say, but so far, it's been good.

Looking back at last year, I can safely say that 2006 happened to me. So many things happened to me that were outside my control, but hey, that's not to say I'm complaining. I 'lost' my job in the most bizarre circumstances, but today, I'm working in a great company, hopefully looking at promotion this year, and I've moved out of the hellhole known as London. My wife and I didn't plan to have a baby so soon, but my daughter has become the sunlight of my life. Her smile is infectious. I have always been told I frown too much, but my little girl has made me smile so much in the last 3 months, I have a feeling my face will get stuck that way !

This year, I didn't make any resolutions. No need. This year, I'm going to take control. If I get punched to the floor, I'm going to get back up, and keep fighting. My family, my job, I place everything in God's hands. I pray for his protection, and his grace on our lives.

2007, here I come !!


  1. Lest I forget:

    When you walk...

  2. Currently in the middle of exams which is the reason I haven't been online for a while, but since yesterday I have been waiting for this post. I just couldn't resist it.

    How do you feel my man? You know what I'm talking about... :D

  3. Chxta: Be very very careful. I've been warning you since, you think this is a joke right? I know where you live...................

    Azuka: Thanks man, let's grab this bull by the horns !!

  4. hey bro..damn didnt see this post..hey congrats on the getting thru the driving test..so all official n here s hoping that the new year keeps getting better bro!