Let battle commence

In the left corner, wearing yellow trunks, and weighing in at 900g, it's Cow and Gate InfaSoy !!

Infa Soy

And in the right corner, wearing green and white trunks, and also weighing in at 900g, it's SMA WySoy !!


So wo will win the heart and mind of Baby O? Only time will tell.

First of all, my wife and I need the courage to try one of them on her, although at this moment, we're leaning towards WySoy. Both quite expensive though, about twice the cost of normal baby formula.

 Let's just hope she likes at least one of them !!



Baby O is allergic to milk protein.

We tried another formula on Saturday, and ended up in the Accident and Emergency ward 4 hours later. We were there for a while, but left after about 5 hours.

We were given a baby formula to try:

Allegedly, it's free of cow's milk. However, our little girl didn't like it at all. My wife and I tasted it, it tastes like medicine. So it would seem like we're stuck, given that she should be starting day care in the last week of February.

Well, we're done a little research, and we've discovered this one:

So tomorrow, we need to look for it. God knows where we'll find it. And we pray the baby will like it !!



Blu Ray Disc Stress Test

Remember when CDs first came out, and we were told they would last forever?

Well, Sony is making the same claims about Blu Ray Discs. So the guys at Joystiq decided to give a Disc a test. It's a little extreme, but hey, it's all in the name of science.


Liverpool 2 - Chelsea 0


Check out the second wonder goal.

Arsenal beat Manchester United tonight 2-1, and the title race is ON. It was a shocker for Man U, they thought they'd won until 2 late goals from Van Persie (who broke his foot scoring) and Henry turned things around.

Anyway, I think we have 4 teams who could potentially win it this season.

Man U - Still in the lead, and playing very well. It will take a minor disaster for them to surrender their entire lead.

¢h€£$k¥ - 6 points behind Man U, it's amazing how we've been fed stories about how they have an amazing squad, and two teams that can potentially win the title. Injuries to Petr Cech and John Terry have turned their defence into a joke, and Makelele's suspension yesterday meant their 'team' yesterday was rubbish at the back, and crap in front.

Liverpool - Doing very well despite injuries to Sissoko and Garcia, potentially our best performers this season when they were fit. 5 points behind Chelsea, and the way they're playing, maybe not for too long.

Arsenal - Just a point behind Liverpool. They played well today, but is this young squad good enough to go all the way? We shall see, but it's a big ask.


Life is good

First of all, Jade 'Dumb Ass' Goody got voted off last night from Celebrity Big Brother.

There's talk of her fighting to save her "career", I'll pray every day for that to turn out to be true. But then again, a career in what? It's only in the UK that you can be famous for 'being famous". She has built a career from doing reality TV shows and magazine interviews. Much like Jordan and Peter Andre, but I digress. (Let's not spoil the mood, shall we?)

And secondly....

stand up for the heroes of Anfield, who defeated the evil Chelski. We're now 5 points behind Chelsea, so you know what? they are catchable. And 11 points behind Man U, are they catchable? Who knows. But like the skipper said today "Let's take it one match at a time."


I’ll try to……….

...blog more often. I've been a bit busy this month, so I can't blog at work anymore, and when I get home, I try to rest and help with the baby, so I'm not exactly free to blog either.

Anyway, for those of you in the UK, what do you have to say about this Big Brother fiasco. I've just heard Edwina Currie call Jade & co. "slags" on "Question Time". Basically, in Celebrity Big Brother, three stupid ignorant morons have been bullying a young Indian girl in the house, and the bullying has racial undertones to it. It's generated MASSIVE debate all over the country, everyone is talking about it, from the Prime Minister to the man on the street in India !!

I haven't been watching it, but from what I've read, I would say that the remarks made and insults handed out are definitely racist. It's so sad that this poor Indian girl has to deal with these 3 cows, 3 women who don't deserve to walk the streets, who became celebrities for absolutely pointless reasons, who don't have an iota of class in their bodies.

Shilpa Shetty, if it was up to me, you'd win this competition, teach those idiots a lesson in grace.

*In case you were wondering, I'm really worked up about this whole thing*


Actual questions on the US Visa Application form

  • Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State?
  • Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose?
  • Do You Have Any Specialized Skills or Training, Including Firearms,
    Explosives, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Experience?

I wonder if anyone ever answered yes to any of them?


Got milk?

Went to Gloucester on Saturday to see my brother. We got back at about 7pm, and decided to try out baby formula on Baby O.

5 minutes after feeding, and her face was covered with hives/rashes, and she was in obvious discomfort. We deduced that the milk must have done something to her, and maybe she was allergic to milk, the last time she had formula, she ended up in hospital. Anyway, we decided to let her sleep it off, and hopefully she would be better in the morning.

She eventually went to bed. I decided to check in on her about an hour later, and found her with vomit all over her. She had done a massive vomit in her bed, and had not even woken up !! Her face was COMPLETELY CLEAR though !! It took about half an hour to get her cleaned up and clean up her sleeping area, and she threw up a bit more, but she was fine.

We've asked around, and we've been told that she may not be allergic to milk, that maybe we should wait for a while longer before we introduce it to her. Even if she does end up being allergic, apparently most kids grow out of it in time.

Thankfully, all is well now, and my little angel is doing great.


Well, it's a bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I've been so busy at work, blogging and keeping up with blogs has been close to impossible. Anyway, 2007 has been good so far (apart from last night's football match, anyone who mentions it will be shot!). Work is going very well, and things are going onwards and upwards. I passed my driving test on Friday. There's so much going on that I can't really say, but so far, it's been good.

Looking back at last year, I can safely say that 2006 happened to me. So many things happened to me that were outside my control, but hey, that's not to say I'm complaining. I 'lost' my job in the most bizarre circumstances, but today, I'm working in a great company, hopefully looking at promotion this year, and I've moved out of the hellhole known as London. My wife and I didn't plan to have a baby so soon, but my daughter has become the sunlight of my life. Her smile is infectious. I have always been told I frown too much, but my little girl has made me smile so much in the last 3 months, I have a feeling my face will get stuck that way !

This year, I didn't make any resolutions. No need. This year, I'm going to take control. If I get punched to the floor, I'm going to get back up, and keep fighting. My family, my job, I place everything in God's hands. I pray for his protection, and his grace on our lives.

2007, here I come !!


Made me chuckle

This is a cartoon from a Nigerian newspaper (The guardian). It summarises how 'effective' the Nigerian Police force is.