Nothing to say….

or so it would seem.

Just spent £300 on the car, sorting out a bad dent on the side. If you ever need an incentive to drive carefully, a dent might just do it for you. I think I'm in the wrong job, I should be fixing cars. I've spent £700 at garages in the last 2 months !!!

Anyway, I'll post something meaningful soon, maybe some new baby pics, eh?


  1. hmm well bro..am sure it couldnt be avoided..sometimes these things happen...hey pop over to my blog bro..u find my latest sports post interesting atleast part of it!:-)

  2. Bloddy cars *tuts*... they are just money pit's...
    Yay baby pics would be great :o)

  3. Yep running cars and fixing them are very expensive. You should do what I do. My friends cuz is a car mechanic and he fixes my car for free. Even though I'm no longer in town, he still fixes my young sisters car for free too. Even my brother drives in from sheffield sometimes to get his car fixed LOL. You need to connect yourself with a good mechanic and pray to God for Favour.

  4. Baby pics! Yes! Yes please.... :)

  5. Where are these pic's? Still waiting!