Going home for lunch to see your wife and your newborn baby is a great idea, and a lovely way to spend time with your family. However, please heed the following warning.

Carrying a baby when wearing a clean shirt is not advisable. Babies tend to throw up every now and then, and it might just be then.

In such a situation, you will be forced to change your shirt and go back to the office.

And guess what, no one even noticed I was wearing a different shirt !! I'm not sure how sad that is, but it must be high up there on the list !!


  1. You're so like my dad, a softee :) My Dad used to come home every lunchtime to support mum and cuddle me. I think it has made all the difference in the relationship I have with my parents as an adult. My Dad often texts me and emails me now when I am at work having a bad day and whenever he's in London on business he still makes sure he meets up with both me and my sister - we love it!! Mum is the same though; its my birthday next week and she is coming down from the Midlands on the train to take me out to dinner for the evening and then go home again the same day which is a 300 mile round trip - she is amazing!!!!!

  2. lol... awwww.. you're such a cutie.. your baby is lucky...

  3. LOL at your warning ;o)

  4. Hehe @ nobody noticing what that you'd changed. I think that probably means that you work with mostly men? Girls usually notice these things!

  5. We were too busy talking about Baby O, and God knows that at the moment she's more important than any of us that I forgot to congratulate you on Sunday's performance...


  6. Sunday, there was a match on Sunday? Who played?

    *If I catch you, I'll kill you!*