Nigeria gets first female governor

Today, Nigeria has her first female governor. But not without controvesy of course, 64 year old Virginia Etiaba was the deputy governor of the state until 4am this morning, when her boss was impeached in spectacular fashion. Only in Nigeria will a state house of assembly take a vote to impeach the governor at 4am. She initially refused to take the job, but has been sworn in this morning.

She's Anambra State's 3rd governor in the current 4 year term (4th if you count the short period when a previous governor, Chris Ngige 'resigned'). And all is not well in Nigeria, 3 states have now impeached their governors, Oyo state is in chaos as a court ruling means they effectively have 2 governors, and Ekiti state is under emergency rule after a similar fiasco. Plateau state is also in the process of impeaching their governor. All this, ahead of elections next year.

God help Nigeria.


  1. Tried to post a comment on Saturday but blogger wouldnt let me - maybe they were doing some vital repair work.

    Its a step in the right direction for women's liberation - Nigeria's First Female Governor but my concern is why did the House see fit to sit at 4am in the morning? Thats setting a bad precedent and their vote of no confidence can be overrulled if challenged in a court of law on that basis. 4AM in the MORNING!!! Beats my imagination. Whatevver Next in Nigerian Politics?

  2. Let's wait and see how long she lasts in the job. Or how she copes with it.

  3. Considering this and the recent spate of Impeachement, reinstatement, and re-impeachement, I can only say What a dance of shame.

    How is the average Nigerian supposed to hold his head high. Why oyinbo no go harass you, when your leaders are giving them the very ammunition with which to crucify you.

  4. Re- Nigeria gets first female governor.

    Was going thru your site. Seems very nice.
    Anyway each term is 4years for and not 5 years as u stated and Ngige's time was not actually short as it was longer than the last Governor (Obi). I dont think he spent close to 1 year.

    Keep it up!!

  5. Gbenga: I stand corrected. You are right, it's 4 years.

  6. Good to hear, sounds like progress!