Just another crazy mobile phone?


Japan's NTT DoCoMo has created a mobile phone specifically for women. And that doesn't just mean the phone comes in pink.

The D702iF rings to inform a woman that she's ovulating, by keying data on menstruation dates. It also has a recipe database and a button which sets off a dummy ringtone, allowing the user to pretend she has an incoming call. The perfect way to escape from a bad date (or so I'm told), or a boring meeting.

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I blogged about this company. At the time they had created an invisible mobile phone. I wonder what happened to that...........


  1. I really want one of the invisible ones - the idea amuses me!

  2. hey bro..NTTDOcomo is the leading company in mobile phone technology..their r & d wing is one of the best in the world..true they did produce a few quirky and forgettable ones..but this one is hilarious!:-) They will be releasing phones in the next 3 years that r the next generation thing...improved speeds..and all..actually the south koreans are the other big mobile phone pioneers..their mobile phones even work on the tube!!saw the bbc report on the most advanced mobile phone system in the world a couple of weeks back..:-)hope u doing good..cheers for the texts by the way