How far will you go to get your dream job?

Heard this on the radio when I went out for lunch.

A man called David Rose decided to go all out to get the job he wanted.

In order to persuade bosses to hire him, the 29-year-old first sent them a jack-in-the-box, with a picture of himself inside and the legend "Sometimes you don't have to think out of the box to get the right answer."

He followed that up with a pair of wine bottles, the first bearing a recorded message saying hello' and the second designed to look like a message in a bottle with a note inside with burned edges and deliberately aged with gravy.

Suprisingly, that didn't work. So he went all out, and erected a 6ft x 5ft billboard — with a picture of him aged six and the message: “When I grow up I want to work at Lawton.”

Check out the story here.

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  1. I like this guys style! He's original they should hire him!

  2. Now that's persistant and not to mention a lot of work on his part.

  3. There's thinking outside the box and there's crazy. Cool as all that sounds, I wouldn't hire the guy as he's proving his determination rather than his skills. Mind you, I love crazy people - man is a gregarious animal...

  4. I'm amazed he actually got the job!

  5. Now I know why you blogged about the other blog Boso!

    You just want freebies! Can I borrow it when you're done reading? :)

  6. Freebies? What are you talking about......*grins*

    Hey, I saw an opportunity, and I went for it. but of course, we can strike a deal for the books when I'm done ;)

  7. well, Purple, if you were to blog about my blog, you'd be in the running too. Why borrow when you can win!?

  8. Hehe, now I might just do that, but I'm just covering my bases, in case I don't win, I'll borrow Boso's :)

  9. Lol Boso, I wondered why you were plugging Dr Rob :)