A few Wii problems.

The Nintendo Wii was revolutionary. Nintendo didn't go after graphics or processing power, just good old fun. And they came up with a brilliant idea, the Wiimote. It's a motion sensing controller, so to play games on it, you move your hands around, and point, wielding the game's controller like a sword or swinging it like a tennis racket.


Looks like fun !!

However, it may yet go down as one of those 'seemed like a good idea at the time' things. It's been less than 2 weeks since the Wii was unleashed on the public, and already two problems have occurred.

1. Wii Elbow: The Wall Street Journal reports that several couch potatoes and otherwise inactive gamers have been forced to do a lot more exercise than they were used to. Aching bodies, sore arms all round. But that's not the worst one.

2. The Flying Wiimote: The Wiimote is attached to your hand with a strap. But guess what? It breaks, sending the controller flying in the air.

40 inch HDTV screens

The Wiiremote has hit pets, partners, windows, nothing is safe from the flying wiiremote.

Destruction everywhere !! There's now a blog to celebrate Wii chaos !!


  1. Regarding point 1 - what are people complaining about? People are forever complaining that kids don't get enough exercise because they're too busy playing video games - isn't this a good thing?
    Point 2 - LOL!

  2. Regarding problem two: I can see how the younger crowd may not understand how to completely use the controller, but come on! It has buttons, plus directions on how to operate it without being reckless. I find the wrist strap very useful, and I've never had problems with the controller, besides FORGETTING that it's connected to my wrist (which changed in time).

  3. [...] Following the well publicised problems with the Nintendo Wiimote, they have deicded to recall the wrist straps for all Wiis sold to date, following customer compliants. (A total of 3.2. millions straps) [...]