Am I bovvered ??

Catherine Tate.

Comic genius.

One woman, who made 'bovvered' the word of the year in 2006, and it's currently being considered for inclusion in the prestigious Oxford Dictionary !!

Anyway, if you don't live in the UK, you'll wonder 'what's he talking about'? Let me take you on a journey...
Anyway, this clip introduced me to the Catherine Tate show and to the Lauren character.


OK, so ho many times can you listen to "Am I bovvered?" and still find it funny? Or so I thought. But every time it comes up in a fresh, unique way !!

Check out this brilliant sketch of Lauren in Science class


Then Lauren getting married ? (The day after this was on TV, my manager was doing an imitation all day!)


Anyway, just when we thought she couldn't do any more, yesterday, I watched what I can say is one of the funniest comedy sketches EVER !!


Pure genius !!


  1. I think I'm too recently out of the British state school system. Some of it was funny, but I couldn't get beyond the second clip - I know a few too many people who are really like that.

  2. LOL @ the clips, and LOL @ Scary Rob...

  3. I absolutely LOVE Catherine Tate!! I missed the last Thursday's episode as I got back late from work but will make sure I watch the repeat on Sunday Night. She's absolutely hilarious!!! I have the DVD of The Catherine Tate Show - 1st and 2nd Series and just picked up a book containing the scripts of all the characters on her Show - The Catherine Tate Show from WH Smith this morning. Thanks Boso!! Twas wonderful to see Lauren in action all over again. As Always!!!

  4. she is too fucking funny. Eat that Chris Rock. Brit-Com is the shit

  5. Scary Rob: You must be joking. They are really people like this?

    Chxta and CalabarGal: Thanks for the plug on your blogs. The woman is comic genius !!

    Nosa101: Too right !!

  6. Scary Rob, I know exactly what you mean. Catherine Tate just shows my old classmates down to a tee. I had a prostitute, a drug dealer, and at least 10 people who couldn't read when they were 16 in my class so her stuff is spot on!!!!! However, I still find it reallly funny as do the rest of my family. My Mum's colleagues challenged her to say 'Am I bovvered?' to her boss last year and she actually did it. My Mum's class!!! I know she works in a Uni environment but she still has more balls than me. I can see her doing it in my mind and it makes me crack up........

  7. I had a prostitute, a drug dealer, and at least 10 people who couldn’t read when they were 16 in my class so her stuff is spot on!!!!!


  8. Katherine, please tell me you are joking? Oh dear God, talk about diversity !!

  9. I am not joking at all and I wasn't at a school in that bad an area. It was definitely a diverse class. Needless to say I didn't make any friends at that school. However, the majority of the people concerned just needed a bit of love and attention at school and they would have been fine. I know alot of people argue for comprehensive schools but they help noone, not the bright pupils or the pupils who need more attention and a different type of teaching. Anyway, I will stop this diversion off track before it becomes a political speech ;)

  10. Catherine Tate cracks me up! Did you see the sketch with the woman who says 'I can do that' where she offers to be a translator of 7 different languages? I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard!

  11. hehe!
    I used to hate catherine tate show!
    But you have just converted me into a fan!
    Funny stuff!!