Alternate Plans

I could have thought of a million ways to spend my birthday. But never in a million years would I have chosen hanging out with my family in a hospital ward.

A children's hospital ward. Yup, little Baby O gave us a fright !! My dad said maybe that was her way of saying happy birthday !!

Around 4pm, I called home to check everyone was alright, and my wife was concerned about the baby. I rushed home and we took her to the GP, projectile vomiting was the initial complaint, but the GP thought her temperature was high, so it was off to the hospital to see the paediatrician. The paediatrician said the high temperature was probably due to the baby wearing 3 layers of clothing (and being covered by a blanket), and did a urine test. Then another urine test. And a blood test. My poor baby had a needle stuck in her arm...and she didn't even cry, the brave little thing. They left the needle in, in case they needed to give her drugs later, and she was placed under observation for 24 hours. I left my wife and daughter in the hospital and went home around 10.30 pm. All the local takeaways were closed by the time I got home, so my birthday dinner was home made chips and a few sausages, not exactly the best I've had !!

Anyway, the baby was discharged on Tuesday morning, although we had to hang for what seemed like forever before we could leave. Got home in the middle of the afternoon. And she's back to her usual self, my precious little princess.

What was wrong? Well on Sunday, we went out to see a friend who had given birth a week before my wife. Before we left, we had run out of expressed breast-milk, so our friend was only too happy to give us some SMA gold formula milk. Baby loved it, and finished an entire bottle ! However, all was not well the next day, as her body seemed to be unable to process the formula.

The motto of this story is: BREAST IS BEST !!

I always thought breastfeeding was a straightforward thing. I have since come to see how much it entails, and the level of commitment needed from the nursing mother to continue breastfeeding, with back pains, sore/cracked nipples high up on a list of complaints. I now know why there are so many breastfeeding support groups and the like.

To all you mums out there, we appreciate you immensely. Well, I do.


  1. Oh Boso! I've just finished reading a bunch of your posts (I've been a bit behind) and man o man are you a GREAT guy. Letters to Baby O, love notes to your wife, support for breast feeding mom's.........FANTASTIC. Oh and HAPPY BELATED B-DAY, ANNIVERSARY AND 1 MOUNTH B-DAY TO ALL!!

    Glad all is well with you and your's honey!

  2. Agreed, are you for real or are you a woman in disguise. I don't meet many men as understanding as you!!! Keep up the good work and I am sure your wife and baby will make your not so ideal birthday up to you at a later date.

  3. hmm well u have opened my eyes to the effort involved in breast feeding.....guess what women say is true..its a truly special bond between mother n child...hey regards to the whole family..glad to hear alls well...hehehe ur dad s rite bro...baby O just saying happy bday daddy in her own way:-) have a good nite...

  4. Need I say more, these ladies took the words right outta my mouth.

    And yeah, all y'all mums, y'all's the best. Heck, why can't I just speak decent english.

  5. Amen to that. Three cheers for mums everywhere! Glad to hear the li'l 'un's okay.

  6. Wow Boso! Glad everything was ok mate! Scary. Three cheers for mums, huh?!

  7. I have missed a bunch of your posts as well (sorry about that).
    But I second what everyone said, You are fantastic. Your wife is one lucky lady and baby O has a great daddy!!!
    So sorry about that scare though. It is never nice to see your children sick.
    Hopefully that will be the first and last time!!

  8. [...] 5 minutes after feeding, and her face was covered with hives/rashes, and she was in obvious discomfort. We deduced that the milk must have done something to her, and maybe she was allergic to milk, the last time she had formula, she ended up in hospital. Anyway, we decided to let her sleep it off, and hopefully she would be better in the morning. [...]