Wedding Anniversary

I'm writing this post on Friday, and it's set to auto publish on Sunday. So bear in mind that at this point in time, I don't know what my wife's reaction will be when she sees her gifts !! 

So what did I get my wife?

First of all, keeping with the theme of our paper anniversary, I started leaving her love notes, hidden around the house, staring from 5 days to the anniversary. I left them in places where I knew she'd find them in the course of the day, it was actually quite fun !!

And on the day itself, her gifts were:

1. Gift Vouchers for Clarks. She wanted a pair of shoes, I wanted to give her something made out of paper. This way, we both won !!
2. A Message in a bottle:

with a personalised love poem inside. The day I got it, I took out the cork with my teeth, and had sand in my mouth all day !!

3. A handwritten love letter. It's about 10-12 pages long (I think)

And that's it !! I hope she likes them !!

It's my birthday tomorrow as well, she's buying me a camera for that, I can't wait to take cute baby pics !!


  1. autopublish..very clever!!! hope you both had a great day x

  2. Congrats again, Mr Boso, sah! That's some imagination you've got there - a genius bit of lateral thinking.

  3. Hmm... Autopublish. Smart Alec.

    Hope you both had a blissful day. Lovely gifts. God knows I'd be tripped out of my socks. Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday BIG man.

  4. Awwww, you are too sweet. I bet your wife loved her gifts.
    Very good job Boso...
    Oh and happy belated anniversary. Sorry I'm late!!

  5. WOW!!!!!

    No other comment needed.