The Nappy Hours…….

"She's my little girl,
And that's ok,
She cries all night
And she sleeps all day"

The Nappy hours have begun. My wife is sleeping now, the little girl having taken every single ounce of energy she has. So I'm on duty, I just fed Baby O now, and she's sleeping. I should really try and get some sleep now, before she wakes up !!

For some reason, she doesn't like her cot. We've got a carrier from the buggy which is flat, and we're using it like a Moses' basket, even though it has straps and stuff in it. She sleeps ok in that, and when she's lying on my chest, she sleeps as well (Bless her). But put her in her cot, and she's awake in less than 10 minutes. And soon, the crying will start. We haven't figured out why she doesn't like the cot, but one thing is for sure, she doesn't like it. We don't know what to do, my wife had to sleep in the living room last night !! It's only been 3 days though, maybe she'll get used to it eventually.

Anyway, all is well. We're having a traditional naming ceremony on Saturday, although it's family and close friends only. Hopefully, I'll post some pics of that. My sister in law wrecked my camera, so I've been using my mobile phone and camcorder to take pictures, but very few of them have been to my satisfaction. But hopefully, I'll find a decent camera on Saturday.


  1. Boso, you're such a proud dad! :) Fab.

  2. Babies are funny little creatures. They choose the oddest things to dislike. Allie detested her basinet.. but loved her swing... so I thought I'd be sneaky and put her in her swing at night time too.. nope, she'd have no part of it. The swing was our saviour during the day but NOTHING would satisfy her at night... except sleeping on me.
    That went on for about 9 weeks. Than I had enough, put her in her crib and let her cry.. I know I am mean but it worked and in no time she was sleeping through the night.
    She is so little that my advise would be to just let her sleep where ever she wants to sleep.
    It's the only way you and your sweet wife will get any rest.
    let me know if you need anything.
    Oh and I hope you get a new camera, I am DESPERATE to see more pics :o)

  3. ahhh sleepless nights..what joy!!! Perhaps she doesn't like the cot because it feels a bit too big for her and she feels a bit lost and insecure. When femi was in hospital they would put rolled towels around her like a little nest so she would feel secure, they said a lot of babies like this. When we finally got home we used a moses basket that we used to put inside the cot until she eventually grew out of it. Anyhow, i'm sure you will find a solution soon..it's very early days yet for little one.

  4. I did that to my Dad, apparently I liked to be held by him. Sometimes when I'm upset I still do. I think YoungMummy is right though, she may cry in her cot for a bit but she'll get used to it, we're all scared of new things at first.

  5. congrat!!

    you dont know me ...just a little advice...after have 3 of mine...she may not like the cot cos it may be too cold for her make is a bit cosy and if possible but somthin of her moms in there so she can smell her( it worked for 2 out 3 of mine)

    all the best

    and stay blessed.

  6. hey bro..hehe the real fun begins..hope ur getting some sleep atleast and have a great ceremony on saturday..regards to the mrs and baby o too from uncle sppadic!:-)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS...its truly a blessing!

  8. Wow. Congratulations! The best times of your life have only just begun. Enjoy.It'll be AWESOME to share this part of her life with her when she gets older. My son's almost 6, and he drives me insane with questions about when he was a "tiny little baby"... Cool. Welcome to parenthood... Fun huh? :-)

    PS: Aren't you just in AWE of how MUCH love you feel for her?.. That was the one part of being a mom that took me completely by surprise. I'd been expecting that I'd love him a lot... I was not prepared however, for just how much. Definitely puts things in perspective... Well daddy (and mommy-of course), CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  9. Isn't it just funny, how everything falls into place. Automatically, u become a pro at feeding babies, changing nappies, putting a baby to sleep. Enjoy every moment with Baby O 'cos very soon she'd be all grown, and u guys would be wondering how fast that time flew by. God bless you guys.