Baby Pics

I've finally sorted out my online photo album. I lost all the info and view statistics on the old album, but hey, it's all new now. My guestbook has also been wiped clean, so I currently have no entries, so if you can, please pop along here and leave a line or two ?

Anyway the baby pics are here.

My favourite pic is this one, of my daughter and my niece.

Femi and Lara

The rest of the photo album is here. The new software can also do videos, although I think I'm going to start using YouTube for that, as I'm running out of space on the server. Anyway, let's see if we can embed a video into here, this is a video of the baby's first car journey, leaving the hospital.

[avi width="320" height="240"]http://www.bunmi.co.uk/photos/albums/Uploads/Omolara%20Week%202/Going_Home.AVI[/avi]

*It seems the video only seems to work in Internet Explorer, and you need a DivX Plugin to see it* 


  1. That is such a beautiful photo Boso!

  2. Wow! That's a pretty cool set of pics there, dude! I've given up on trying to see the video. I tried the link in the photo gallery and it made IE eat itself. Not quite sure why...

  3. Sez: Thanks, how have you been?

    Rob: Interesting. I tried to watch it from work, and it fried my work PC. I'll try and host it on YouTUbe and see how that goes (Don't have access from work tho!).

  4. hey bro..lovely pics and the video works fine in mozilla-firefox too. hope u n the family are doing good bro.

  5. That is a totally top photo, I bet they will be the best of friends for life.

  6. Beautiful Bub Boso and you and mum both look great too. I am sure those early mornings are making you tired. Congrats hun on such a lovely family. I hope God is providing all your needs. x

  7. Aww, 2 cute girlies! Your girl is starting to look like you already, Boso! She is beautiful. Such big eyes!

  8. yeah i love that pic. i do hope they both get to spend plenty of time together as they grow up. even though we live quite a distance apart!!!

  9. Very nice pic's Boso. She is a real sweetie.
    I too could not see the video?? Not sure what's up with that.
    Sorry to hear about your car as well... that really stinks!!!

  10. Hi Boso,
    Adiaha Ete is coming up just fine and looking more gorgeous each day. She's all grown up already! Wasnt she born just yesterday? (smile) My favourite Picture is the one (pic 16) U're holding her up proudly and showing her off to the world. Love to her mummy. Cheers!!!