You must be having a laugh…

If you were like me, then yesterday, after switching between the boring England match, and the more exciting France v. Italy match, you would have gone to the web to see the results for all the evening's matches. One match looked like it was a typo:

San Marino 0 Germany 13

Germany broke the European scoring record as they walloped the hapless team from San Marino. After England's 5-0 win over Andorra, and Scotland's 6-0 thrashing of the Faroe Islands, a lively debate has begun in Europe on whether these minnows should be allowed to play in a mini qualification tournament first with each other, before meeting the big guns, to reduce these kinds of scorelines.

San Marino has a population of 27,000.
Andorra has a population of about 70,000.
The Faroe Islands has a population of about 47,000.

I don't agree with this thinking, as in the end at least one of them will get out of this 'qualification' and we will still see these scorelines. The argument is that this will allow them to win some matches, but I reckon they prefer that they all have an opportunity to play with the 'superstars' of football !!


  1. i can see both pros and cons to the argument..In an increasinly congested schedule,possibly the lesser the games..the more that us loyal club supporters can get to watch our favourite players and the fresher they will be too...but on the other hand i would hate for the smaller nations to miss out....its something i am sure the players of these nations will remember for a long long time...Incidentally i discovered that India is ranked 128th in the world..how we are even that good is beyond me...we are atleast better than San Marino..hell with a billion and some people i would hope so!:-) Nigeria is 11th in the latest rankings...before u even ask assuming you didnt already know:-)

  2. Nigeria is the top ranked African nation, and the highest ranked team not to appear at the last world cup. *sobs quietly*

  3. I do like to see them play the big boys, they need the experience, when you're so small you may never be a great team you don't have the depth of talent to choose from, so its a travesty to deny them the chance to play the big boys and make upsets. I'm with you, keep 'em in there.

    I would like changes in the groups somehow tho, Scotland's group is unfair, there are too many good teams in it and it gives the teams like Scotland who aren't great but work hard and could qualify no chance to do so...

  4. Pete, I agree with you to an extent. The seeding must be flawed, if the two world cup finalists find themselves in the same group !! But football isn't mathematics, as my father said to me many, many years ago !!

    The only thing I find unfair is that Europe gets so many places at the world cup, while Africa gets just 5, and everyone else gets so few. For the World Cup to be a 'World' Cup, we need to to broaden the participation of other continents. However, sadly, I don't think this will ever happen, at least not now.

  5. hey bro..err oops maybe shouldnt have mentioned that ranking bit about nigeria...hey u guys will be there for the next world cup..and i agree i wish to be a truly World cup tournament..more teams from other regions need to be involved.....will India ever be able to play in a world cup of football..not in my lifetime!..incidentally we did turn up for the 1958 one i heard from someone..

  6. Boso, I agree, I'd like to see that I can't understand how some of the African nations got there above the likes of Nigeria and Sengeal and South Africa tho, who would have had a far better chance of progressing. I still remember Nigeria in '94.

  7. Nigeria in '94, that was heartbreaking, losing in the last minute to Italy.......Nigeria in '98 beating Spain is regarded by many as the best world cup match EVER !!

    The problem with African countries is that we never take qualification seriously, until it's too late. Our players don't like to travel from Europe to Africa to play qualifiying matches, unless there's competition for their position, or it's a matter of us not qualifying. Okocha especially liked to pick and choose the qualifying matches he travelled for, which was bad for a team captain, he should have led by example.