Taking bets

Staff in my office have started placing bets on whether our baby will be a boy or a girl. Now, I know, I know the answer and to be fair, I've only told one of them. ;) But hey, it's all a bit of fun.

I think it will be more interesting to guess when she'll finally arrive. I've got a hunch that she'll show up on the 28th, as it's her aunt's (my wife's sister's) birthday then. That will make it a lot easier to remember birthdays for me, huh? lol. If the induction goes ahead on the 30th, then she could be coming on October 1st, Nigeria's Independence day. Again, a special day !! Also, that means we'll both have birthdays in October, mine being October 30th. Or, maybe even September 30th, my manager's sister's birthday, and exactly one month before mine? September 29th, exactly one month before our wedding anniversary?

It's driving me mad I tell you !!!


  1. Ohhh.. I am so excited!! When is the actually due date? Mine was November 30th, but my induction took close to three days so Baby A was born on December 3rd. I was really hoping to have her in November so she does not get the Christmas/birthday gift from people.

  2. Hey Sioned, how are you and little baby A?

    Due date was 18th of September, so that ship has sailed :)

  3. Breath honey BREATH!!!! You tell you wife I feel her pain. I was a week over due for no freaking reason seeing as she was breech and had to be taken by c-section. My thoughts are with you and your family. COME ON BABY!!

  4. Hooooly! Poor girl! She must be going nuts!

  5. And yet, I'm sure that when she finally arrives that very occasion will supecrcede all others vying to make that date significant. : )

  6. Come on now baby O, There's lots of lovely people here who can't wait to meet you! :)

    Hope mummy is coping well! The poor love!

  7. Oh can you tell your work mates that a girl from your blog wants in on the bet?? I guess it's a girl ;o)
    Like MM I know how your poor wife feels.
    Girls are always late so why should sweet baby O be any different? :oP