New Blog….

I've started a new blog over here, which I intend to use for all technology based posts. It will be mainly for news and views about technology, but I'll also post a few reviews from time to time. Also, some time in the near future, I hope to write up some technical articles about my field of expertise, Information management, email archival and administration.

My plan is to use the blog to practice my technical writing, but if anyone reads it, that will be a major plus !!

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone.


  1. looks good..will tell fela and ben about it. think they will both find it interesting!!

  2. The new blog looks great. I am not much of a techie though so I'll stick with this one.
    No Baby yet?

  3. Not yet Youngmum, but we're exaclty one week away from the due date now !! How time flies !!!