Joystiq’s most impressive gamer rig

Wow. Talk about impressive. Joystiq reader Kevout wow the above competition with his "32-system gamer rig (21-connected), Photoshop labeling skills, nice organization, and TV pity case." According to him, he did pick the TV out of a dumpster, as he prefers to spend his money on games, not a 'proper TV'. And for winning what does he get? A free copy of Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. Just great. Another game to add to the 568 he already owns. This guy needs to see a shrink, and fast. I'm guessing:

  • No girlfriend

  • Lives with his mum

Probably no job either, I can't see how he can have time for a 'real life' with all of this.

Then again, if you think that is sad, have a look at this. Nuff said.


  1. Somebody needs a girlfriend or two! lol

    Congrats on result last night *swears under breath* :)