It’s now or never…..

Before you ask, no, no baby yet !!

My wife's friend got pregnant around the same time as her, and her due date was on Tuesday. Well, she went into labour on Saturday, and is now the proud mother of a little baby girl !! So while she gave birth 3 days ahead of schedule, my wife is currently one week overdue, so as you can imagine, she is insanely jealous at the moment !!

Anyway, we're still on standby, nothing to report yet !!


  1. not too long to go..saturday being induction day if baby lara doesnt make an appearance before then!! wish you could stay with abi on the evening but it does sometimes take a while before anything happens when you are induced..there can be a lot of sitting around waiting!! thinking of you and can't wait for our new family member to arrive x

  2. As MrO keeps reminding me 'the race is not unto the swift'. Your baby will come in its own time and I'm sure it won't be long now. Your wife's jealously will disappear instantly the moment your baby is born. I'm getting excited.......

  3. At least the little 'un is just being settled in there rather than making a first labour drawn out and difficult. Hang in there, dude, all the best things are worth waiting for!

  4. I keep logging in to check and see if there's any news. The wait must be so hard for your wife!!

  5. Like Sherri I keep logging in just to see if she has had that baby yet.
    I know exactly how she feels about though, when I was pregnant with my first, two of my girlfriends were also pregnant and due after me, the frist one went labor and had her baby 10 weeks early, than I was 8 days late and I was sure the other friend would have her's before me.
    It was stressfull.
    Give your wife a big hug for me and keep us posted!!

  6. Best of luck with the Delivery. Baby will certainly arrive safe and sound!! Will keep checking ur blog to get news of her eagerly awaited arrival!!