Induction booked…..

We went into the hospital today to see the doctor, and book the induction of labour just in case. My poor wife is 3 days overdue now, no contractions, no twinges, nothing. So, we've booked the induction for the 30th of September at 7.30pm. Hopefully, the baby will come naturally before then.

If we have to do the induction, then I'll take my wife to the hospital, and once she's settled in, and the induction has begun, I have to go home, and there's no space for me in the hospital overnight. If labour starts, then they'll call me, and I can come back. Obviously, if this happens, I'll go home, and sit down, I can imagine myself already, I won't be able to do anything, watch TV, nothing, I'll be a nervous wreck !! Hopefully though, it won't come to that.


  1. really hope the baby comes naturally, it's much better that way. sounds like she's very comfy in there and not ready to make an appearance just yet!! thinking of you x

  2. You'll (both) be fine! I do stop by here now and again, as Feathers reminds me to!. Cheers.

  3. It'll all be fine, you'll see. All the best, dude!

  4. You don't get to stay after she is induced????? What's up with that? In Canada the husbands never have to leave your side during induction or labor. The only time they are not allowed to stay if during the night after the baby is born.
    I really hope for both of you that the baby comes natural.
    *sends postive vibes* ;o)