First Babies….

OK, I've been hearing two different arguments about this. Are first babies usually born early, or late?

I've heard convincing arguments for both, but at the moment, I think I'm more persuaded to 'late'.

Also, our nursery thermometer shows that the room is too hot for a baby. The temperature is somewhere between 24-27 degrees (Celsius). Anyone out there with suggestions on how to cool the room down? I was telling my wife yesterday, that back in Nigeria, we all had to live with much high temperatures, and babies coped. Or am I being plain silly?


  1. hmm should ask my mom that next time i speak to her:-) as for the temperature thing..being born in india..i know it wasnt mild thats for sure and i agree bro..we all seemed to survive ok..in the weather and temperatures that we were there..is it me or is every generation getting less and less immune?? o well hope baby is healthy and all goes well and as an added bonus, i could share a birthday if she came on the 17th!:-)

  2. Well it is kinda hot here and they turn out alright. Babies are quite resilient. Goodluck!! Just stumbled across your blog.

  3. I'm certainly no expert on babies, but I imagine they probably acclimate (just like the rest of us) to whatever conditions they're in.

    I think the only issue would be if they're frequently moving from one environment to another (warm to cold or vice versa). That's enough to make anyone uncomfortable. I had to keep my house cooler in the summer when I worked somewhere cool, but now that I work from home, I keep it warmer and I'm used to it.

  4. I would have to say late, although I myself was premature. Not long left now, surely?
    I'm no expert, but I'm sure babies acclimatise to the temperature, just like Sarah said. The main thing is to make sure not to over-clothe them, because this apparently can exacerbate asthma.

  5. hi there bunmi, hope abi is doing well.

    firstly, as for the time the baby arrives..don't think there is any hard and fast rules..ben was 2 weeks late and i had to be induced and it was exactly the same with femi. tends to be that 1st time labours are longer than any consequent pregnancies!!

    as for temperature, it is important to aim for the correct room temp when sleeping because until a baby is 12 months old they are unable to regulate their body temperature in the same way as children and adults.

    as for it being much hotter in other countries and in the summer in this country with babies growing up just fine...the main problem with overheating occurs in the autumn and winter months in the UK when people use central heating etc and tend to wrap their babies up more because it is "cold". mix this with the tendency for colds and infections in these months (which obviously cause breathing and temperature probs) and that is where the greatest danger occurs.

    here is a link to the most up to date advice with regard to babies safe sleeping and room temperature etc..

    hope that helps!!

  6. My first baby was 8 days late and at that they had to induce me.
    Mylozmom was late, pretty much everyone I know was late on their first...
    Hope your wife is hanging in there.
    If you can't seem eot cool the room you could always try a fan once the babe starts sleeping in there.

  7. I'm with Youngmum on this one. I'd say majority is late. I only know of 2 people who went early and even then it was only 1 week early. My sister, sister in law, youngmum, and MANY cousins of mine were all late and had to be induced but Sherri was 1 week early with her boy Cooper and my friend Jess (just had her son on July 28th) was also 1 week early so.............

    Just be prepaired honey. How many days left now?

  8. Oh ya...........and I was 7 days late too! tee hee