Don’t you dare…..

Mention anything about football to me. Not after Liverpool's result on Saturday.

In case you don't know the score, here's someone who does.

Very clever Mr. Johnson, I'm impressed, you can actually count to 3 !!

In protest, I didn't watch any football matches or highlights all weekend. Liverpool FC, you broke my heart !!


  1. heartbreak and disappointment all the way bro..but cheer up..its just the start of the season...we will bounce back and who knows..maybe this could be the turning point of the season for us!!we could go on and the players get fired up for the rest of the season...and lead us to glory!..cant wait for return..on feb 3rd.....YNWA!!

  2. Its hard to accept the scoreline. The statistics tell you everything about the referee last saturday. It was something like 23 fouls from Everton and just one yellow card. This not counting the WWF move Tim Cahill used on Xabi Alonso in the build up to the second goal.

    Yet strangely I can't help thinking they still deserved it because we played so badly. It was one of those games where we just ,for all our dominance, didn't look like scoring.

    I just hope this really does fire up the lads because that was a disgrace whether there was an international break or not and there has to be improvement against Chelsea or we will get battered.

    We didn't do badly against PSV though