By this time next week…

I'll be a father. It's beginning to dawn on me. It's closer than ever, and somehow, I'm only beginning to realise it.

No, she hasn't arrived yet. We're dangerously close to the induction date, and it's beginning to look like this one is going all the way. My wife has been remarkably brave and dignified about the whole thing, personally, I'd have fallen to pieces. My respect for her has tripled. I had a discussion about childbirth with a colleague at work yesterday, and we both agreed, men can NEVER, EVER handle the childbirth process. We're too rational, too 'get-up-and-go', we would have figured out a way to get the foetus out as soon as it was conceived, and put it in a test tube in some lab, and come back and fetch our kids after 9 months.

Anyway, I will do my best to post on my blog when the event finally happens, but in the meantime, please keep us in your prayers, and you can all PLEASE leave words of encouragement for my wife, she reads the blog and I'm sure she'll be glad to see that there are other people thinking of her.


  1. Abi, It'll all be fine. We have you and your baby in our prayers. You are very lucky to have a husband so interested in his daughter. As a regular reader I imagine daily Boso hopping about your home getting impatient about the baby's birth and getting excited. Can't wait to see pics of your baby. Love Katharine

  2. Boso, we are all praying for a safe delivery with both of U. I know the big day is tomorrow and by the grace of God, all will be well. Dont u dare go fainting in the delivery room!!! Pls dont tell me U had no intention of being there with BH. Please go in and hold her hand.
    We're all eagerly anticipating the wonderful news and I personally will be checking your page every two seconds to jubilate with U!!

  3. Everything will be fine and you are both going to be perfectly wonderful parents. There is no manual, it's all about love. common sense and commitment. I know for a fact the love you will feel for your baby girl when you first lay eyes on her will knock you off your feet. You will be overwhelmed and you can't believe you can feel so much love. All of your insticts kick in and this precious little girl is looking to you two (and the rest of her new family) to love and protect her.
    You have all my prayers and I will be thinking of you both but you are about to start a new journey together. Some parts will be hard, some fun, some easy and some just too precious. Make your memories and keep them. xxxxx
    Don't I go on.... (I am so jealous! xx)

  4. Erm, could I make my entry into your life (a week before the new baby) and ask that she be named after me?


  5. Here's lookin' at you, kid. It'll all be wonderful, I'm sure - the best things in life are always worth a wait!

  6. Everything will be fine. I'll keep you three in my prayers. Safe Delivery!

  7. thinking of you abi..it's not long now!!! really hope things go well for you in labour and that lara makes a safe appearance in the world. just try and enjoy your last couple of days of rest..no more after saturday!!!!!!

  8. Dear Mrs.Boso:
    I never knew you read this blog or I'd have written to you ages ago, lol.
    You and Boso are going to do great. I can feel the love from each entry he writes about you and your precious new baby. A strong family foundation is the best start you can give your little girl so I know you are going to be just fine.
    As feathers so wisely said, there are going to be great times and some bad moments but if you work as a team you will get through them all.
    Keep each other close and God closer and you can't go wrong.
    You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.
    Please have Boso keep us updated as soon as possible.
    All the best
    (geesh and feathers thought she goes on and on... lol)

  9. *grabs cheerleader pom poms*
    PUSH HER OUT, SHOVE HER OUT, WAAAAAYYYYYY OUT!!!! *repeats several times while flailing arms and legs in an unco-ordinated manner*

    YOU CAN DO IT!! I'll send all the labour and delivery vibes that I had and didn't get to use your way!!

  10. Abi... it gonna be fine. Remember the Hebrew women? That's my prayer for you. Its going to be well. Don't be worried or afraid. Just be calm. Give it all to God!

  11. hey bro and mrs ...urs truly always remembers u in his prayers...my best regards and prayers to u both and wishing u well on the big day...mrs boso..damn i have new respect for women!!!and you are so rite bro..hell no way we could handle all this...hmm probably why kids have special bonds with their mothers...let me know bro when the magical moment arrives & hopefully all will go smoothly.. :-)

  12. Hey There this is Abi...thank you all so so much much the encouragement. God knows that I need it now more than ever. I don't know the aspect am scared of the most; the pain of labour or the thought that i have a little one to care for...( I can barely look after myself)

    Either way, we r going to have the little one in our arms this time next week!!!YIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. Thoughts and Prayers, Dude.