Are you having a laugh?

He earns 3 times my yearly salary in one week. But apparently, Michael Ballack says that property in London is too expensive, and "it's better to rent". He's rented a home in Wimbledon, where he lives with his partner and 3 sons.

I have all the sympathy in the world for him, and would happily agree to swap salaries, if his salary is becoming a problem. What do these footballers spend their money on? Then again, I'm guessing the kind of house he was looking to buy might cost a million or two, but I'm sure he can find a bank in England (and even Germany) that will happily give him a mortgage !!

 The bottom line is, footballers should shut up about how they are struggling to survive with their salaries, and let the little people like us feel happy with our miniscule wages. Ashley Cole was talking about how he almost crashed his car when he heard that Arsenal were offering him £50,000 a week instead of £55,000.

Boo Hoo.



  1. *gag* Rich people who complain make me sick!

  2. I'm with you. Makes you wonder whether they think before opening their mouths.

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