Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I discovered this amazing tool yesterday, and it looks like a winner. It's a blog composer for Windows Live Spaces, but it works with a lot of other providers as well.

It allows you to compose your blog posts offline, but it also acts as a WYSIWYG editor as well, so you have an idea of exactly how your post will look like when it's published. It works really well, and allows you to use hyperlinks, post pictures and use maps from Windows Live Local in your post. The only thing that I've found I can't do is choose which category I want to post in, which would be very useful, but I hope this will be incorporated soon.

Microsoft Word's new version due for release by the end of the year also allows you to blog directly from Word, so I suspect this is a port of that functionality.

So far, two thumbs up from me !!


  1. You are so clever with all these techie gadgets! lol
    Hope you are well Boso. :)

  2. Hey feathers, how was your holiday ??!?

    We missed you !!