The special one is running scared………

New look Jose Mourinho has already started with his mind games ahead of the new football season, by saying that as far as he's concerned, Liverpool are not title contenders. The Special one says he's more impressed by Arsenal and Manchester United's new players (which is really odd, as both teams have only added a player each, and lost a few to boot).

I think he's running scared, Rafa Benitez proved at Valencia that you don't need stars to win titles, just ask Real Madrid and Barcelona !! Liverpool has added a lot of exiciting new players over the last few weeks, and while we've only beaten Chelsea twice in 8 matches, those two matches were the most important, in the Champions League Semifinal, and the FA cup. OK, they beat us in the Carling cup two seasons ago, but it was a tough match, and we took them all the way into extra time, and they had to play the game of their lives to beat us.

Next season's first fixture, Liverpool v. Chelsea, in the Community Shield, on the 13th of August.



  1. well as u said bro..here we go again..start of a new season..and the self-proclaimed arrogant one has started running his mouth off...even when his team captain John Terry has come out and said that he thinks Liverpool will push Chelsea closer than ever to the title...scared you b etcha hes scared! Rafa is shrewd manager and i must say cant wait to see the team with the new signings ...have got genuine pace now all over and also hopefully the Reds will be more clinical in front of goal!!

    hey check this out..breaking news..Ken Bates has reported Chelsea to the FA and UEFA for illegal approaches made for two young Leeds United players!...talk bout being greedy...they already have enough money why go around breaking the rules!!??! arrogance and false pride will be their downfall..cant wait for next Sunday!..come on ye mighty Reds..lets start the season with a trophy!!!

  2. sppadic: Ken Bates has been making noise about this for a while, basically, he wanted Chelsea to pay them £24 million for the players, otherwise, he was going to report them. They still have a suspended 3 point deduction hanging over their heads with regards to the Cashley Cole matter, so he's also asking for them to be deducted 12 points for next season as well. WE can only wait and see.

  3. yeah was reading more about ken bates and his chelsea saga..suffice to say relations are not at their best between bates and chelsea..as for mourinho- whos he trying to kid with those comments??hehe i love rafa s approach to all of this..its like yes yes mourinho u silly little child..make all the noise u want..we shall see when season ends who has the last laugh...and the trophies! a dignified manager who does his talking on the pitch..

    Am actually glad that we never signed mourinho as the manager for the REDS!..could u imagine that..SHEESH!..also all hes doing is repeating shankly's tactics..liverpool has been there..seen it and done it all before o special arrogant one!

  4. Liverhoo? Chelswho?

    The championship is where its at boys!

    Niall Quinns Disco pants are the best,
    they go up from his ass to his schest,
    they are better than adam and the ants,
    Niall Quinn's DISCO PANTS!

    Bring on the new season! We've got two Barca youngsters on trial, and are after Kevin Phillips. Woo.

  5. Pete, dream all. But all the best to Sunderland though, you guys deserve to do well. But Niall Quinn as a manager? And chairman as well? What's he going to do, sack himself when results go wrong?

  6. Boso, I trust him, he wants whats best for the club, dude was a total legend here, and one of the good ones, commited to the club, so hopefully if things go badly he will find another, however I think having him on the touchline will be a big boost, the attitude turnaround since he came is amazing.

  7. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this one...

  8. Season starts today with Maccabi Haifa. The community sheild game is more a pre season friendly then anything. The big one is I think september 16th when we go to Stamford bridge. Thats when we'll find out how far we'll be going this season.

    Mourinho is just starting with the mind games trying to provoke a reaction from Liverpool and putting pressure on arseanl and the Mancs. The fact is last season we was barely mentioned in his pre season speechs other then to whinge about "THAT GOAL" and about us being let into the champions league. The fact he's now mentioning us in the same breath as the word title contenders is a good thing.

    Preseasons been a stinker though hasn't it.....

  9. MasterJB, well look at Mr Mourhino now !!

    First blood to the mighty REDS.