More baby discussion

In the spirit of last week, it's time for more baby discussion.

Do you guys think that it's a good idea for your baby to sleep in your room? There are obvious advantages or disadvantages to this, and putting the baby up in a seperate room, but my wife and I had this discussion last weekend (well, let me say it was brought up again last weekend, but we had already decided the baby was sleeping in our room), and it has made me realise that men and women seem to have very different opinions on this issue, especially when it's a first child?

I know Youngmum has a nursery, and I think Mylozmom has one too. I'm particularly interested in hearing what Sherri has to say !! Also, I'd like to hear from any men who have any thoughts on this issue, as I've found that opinions are quite polarised between the sexes !!


  1. Hi Boso,

    Paying attention to detail I see!! We do have a nursery BUT, The Peanut will be in our room (in a lovely bassinet that Youngmum loaned me) for the first couple weeks. Just until "WE" get a routine down. My plan is for 3-4 weeks in our room then OFF TO HER OWN!!! I just want to get the breast feedings and nighttime changes down to an art along with some sort of a sleep pattern (meaning she will wake up approx every 2-3 hours, not every 45 mins) and then she will be off to her own room.

    I do also believe that EVERYONE has their own opinions about this and as long as it works for them then GREAT!! NO SLEEPING IN THE BED WITH YOU THOUGH!!! That is very dangerous (unless of course you have one of those baby beds that fits into your bed with you).

  2. hmm as a singleton...am guessing here and i suppose the obvious advantages to having baby cot in your room is that its easier to get up and look after baby..within hands reach...in the early hours of the morning...so i think its the best way to keep baby in your room for the first few months...then maybe after a while move to another room?? you could also ask dr aceves malaka!:-) his experience will come in handy..

  3. I think MM and Sppadic are probably right. For the first few months is okay, but it's best to get the bubby sorted into a routine in their own room after that. Have you ever watched Little Angels/House of tiny tearaways, where lots of little kiddies have bedtime probs? Those are useful shows!
    I don't watch too much TV at all.. :)

  4. It is fine to have the baby in the room with you for the first while (I kept Ella fro 6 weeks, Allie for 7 weeks).
    It is very handy for nursing at first, the baby is rite there so you don't have to leave your room.
    But like MM said, NO SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED. It is very very dangerous for the babe and it is a horrible habit to get the baby into. I know so many horror stories about it.
    That's my 2 cents worth anyways!!!

  5. Oh, an asked for opinion! Yeah :)

    Well, we had Cooper in our bed (in a bed designed to be in our bed so we wcouldn't roll onto him) for 4 weeks. Then he was in a bassinet at the foot of our bed until 9 weeks. Then out and in his own room from then on. Once you get a routine established of feedings then I say out they go. If they get used to being in your room, it could be a nightmare to get them to go into their nursery. And in my opinion everyone sleeps better in their own room. Baby doesn't have the noise of you guys shuffling into bed, snoring etc and you don't have the noise of the baby (except through the monitor).
    I agree that men and women have different views on this. It's maternal instinct to want your child close at all times but in my opinion it makes for a better sleeper to get them into their own room before they get used to being in yours. It was definitly weird the first few nights for me but it made Cooper (and me) a better sleeper.

  6. MMM, interesting advice, thanks guys. Just like Sherri said, most mums want the baby close by for as long as possible, it's maternal instinct !! And most dads (at least the ones I know!) are happy for the baby to be in another room. I've seen cases where children are so used to sleeping in their parents room, that they find it difficult to sleep in another room, and I'm talking up to a 10 year old kid !! I just wanted to sample what you guys think, seeing that you're further ahead in this journey than we are.

  7. Hey - I used to be one of those kids who was allowed into Mum and Dad's room for quite some time and I know alot of my friends were too. I don't think it did me any harm and its really helped my realtionship with my parents. Maybe we're just close though as we managed to live in a Caravan for a year when Mum and Dad built our house and that was very close proximity!

    Anyway, back to baby. Maybe I have just got used to a house with Dad working and Mum staying home (for majority of childhood) so I saw Dad's needs factored in as well as my baby sisters. Its all very well having the baby in the bedroom with the parents but if that means the main fee earner (man or woman) goes to work exhausted from lack of sleep then job may soon be jeopardy which helps noone when funds are stretched. So, I think its dependent on how distruptive the baby is. If they're causing sleep issues then either baby sleeps in another room or the other parent does. I saw my Dad have to do that many a time - I would put it down to being flexible but then again I don't have a child myself so what would I know.

  8. hi bro-in-law

    just thought i'd drop by and leave a comment since this is something affecting my soon to arrive niece!!

    we still have little femi in our room (at 15 months) and we are fine about that (you can ask fela!!) but i know that's not for everyone!!

    but on a serious note, to protect against cot death it is recommended that babies sleep in a cot in the same room as the parents for the first 6 months.

    hope that helps. give us a call if you want any more advice!!!!

  9. Kelly: Hey, I had no idea you read my blog !! thanks for the comment, and advice...

    First of all, we never ever planned to have the baby sleep in our bed, never even crossed our minds !! With the way my wife moves in her sleep, it's hard enough for me to sleep in the same bed with her, and funny enough, she says the same thing about me !! (But we know she's lying, don't we?)

    The baby is definately going to be in a cot in our room, it's just a matter of how long. But thanks for all your thoughts, interesting to hear all your opinions !!

  10. We had ours in our room (in her bassinet) for maybe the first three weeks. Then we moved the bassinet just outisde the door to our room for a couple of weeks, and after that she was in her own room. Best just to see how it goes, but I think you've got to reclaim your marital bedroom sooner rather than later!