Mission Accomplished !!

I just turned this:

Into this:

If only having the baby was this easy.....

We've only just 'discovered' that you can't use a pillow or a duvet for a baby until they're much older. So that's some money I wish we hadn't spent. Anyway, that's one thing done on my very long list of things to do..


  1. hurrah!..the task that is baby cot assembly is done and dusted..hehe enter the really important phase now...arrival of baby!:-) hope ur doing good bro..

  2. Very good job. And yes, you're right, babies should not have pillows or blankets or bumper pads for a while.

  3. Did you know you can buy cots that just slot together these days!!! No screwdriver required!!

  4. Can I get a WOO HOO for Mr. Boso??
    Good job!!!