The curse of the summer holidays

Last year, while preparing for my wedding I came to the conclusion:

"Thou shalt not do/plan anything of consequence in August, for example, plan a wedding. Everyone is on holiday. Very, very frustrating."

Well, it's that time of year again. And this time, we're having a baby. So it makes sense for antenatal classes to be cancelled in August, doesn't it? The next set of classes are in September, obviously after we've had our baby.

The alternative, is to pay for antenatal classes, and from my initial research, it looks like it's going to cost around £150 (at least). But worse still, the classes closest to us are fully booked till October, so we have to travel a bit, and that's if we actually manage to get booked on one of the classes !! I'm not happy.


  1. how annoying!

    that's a bit like Norway, the whole place shuts down during the summer, I was at the airport last week and I swear there were a total of 6 people working there the queues were horrendous!

  2. We ended up paying for our prenatal classes instead of taking the ones that were offered to us for free. The outline of the program seemed to offer more so we opted for the paid course. It cost us $165 cdn in the end but it was ALL worth it.

    Good luck honey!

  3. That's mental! I know people go on holiday at this time of year, but you'd think the relevant authorities would organise things so that the world doesn't have to stop for a month...

  4. Good luck finding some classes. It's ridiculous that they don't have any in the summer. Hope you don't end up forking out too much!

  5. I think that is so stupid! Do they not think people are having babies in the summer?
    My girlfriend was pregnant the same time as I was and she lives in a little town up north who did the same thing. No prenatal classes in July or august.
    So she ended up going into labor 10 weeks early and never did get to go to a course.
    She managed though so even if you don't do it I am sure your wife will be fine.

  6. Hey, MM, I'm still here, lots of visitors, so I've had my hands full.

    You haven't droppeed the baby yet?

  7. Oh visitors! That's nice!
    Nope, baby's still in there. 2 more days to go!