The baby can come anytime from 36 weeks. So officially, from tomorrow we're on standby. Which means that I have to assemble the cot this week. My wife is packing her martenity suitcase as we speak....

Went for a wedding yesterday. 4th wedding in 6 weeks !! I've now been for more weddings since I moved out of London, than all of my entire time in the UK put together !! Anyway, it gave me an oppurtunity to use my new camcorder, will post some pics soon.
Hope you're all having a great weekend !!


  1. Well, word of advise.............try not to get too anxious ( I know, easier said then done) cause look at us..............40 weeks, 5 days and STILL counting!

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, thanks for posting on my blog whilst I was away! I am praying for you and your wife. I am sure all will be fine and you'll have a lovely addition to the family in the very near future. Looking forward to the photos. K

  3. The count down can be very exciting but very long as well.
    I hope all goes well...thinking and praying for you both.
    I am sooooooo excited for you and mylozmum.

  4. yep...could be anytime or it could be as long as 2 weeks overdue!! so you could have another couple of months to wait!!!! this will seem to be the longest stretch of the pregnancy now. hope abi is well and getting as much rest as possible. can't wait to see my new niece!!!!

  5. hey bro...hehe talk bout being on baby alert!:-) well wishing ur mrs a very healthy baby delivery and am hoping that she arrives on the 17th!:-) have a good day bro!

  6. Whoa! that's the best piece of news I've heard since Man U walloped Fulham 5 - 1.

    Sppadic, Baby Alert is spot on... ;)

    All the best guys.

  7. Goodness, another countdown begins, just as another finishes! I don't think I can stand the excitement!

  8. What an exciting time! :)
    Many good labour vibes going your wife's way.