World Cup Final…..

A month ago, if you'd asked the best football pundits in the world to predict who would be in the world cup final, no one, and I mean NO ONE, would have said it would be France v. Italy. The French were written off as a group of 'has-beens', a team which would be broken up after the world cup, and with a coach who believes in astrology, likes Leo's as defenders, and doesn't pick Scorpio's (As a scorpio, I find that offensive). The Italians came into the tournament on the back of a MASSIVE scandal in the Italian League, and interest in football at an all time low.

These two teams are now the talk of the town, and are preparing to face each other in the first all European final since 1982, when Italy beat West Germany to lift the title. Looking for more omens? The last time Italy won the world cup (1982) came on the back of another massive match fixing scandal. And just like then, the scandal will be quickly forgotten if they win the tournament.

Italy are my prediction to win it. But every other prediction I've made so far has turned out to be wrong. So can Zinedine Zidane in his last match in a French shirt, win the world cup? Talk about leaving on a high !!

Sunday. 7pm. We all await with bated breath.



  1. hey bro..yeah talk about throwing all predictions in the garbage bin..no-one saw this one coming...well now that its here.. i think the scandal has helped galvanise the italians as it did in 82, they played really unitaly like in that great semi-and two good goals..unforgettable match and will be talked about for years to come..heres hoping the final is a great match too!

    france chances depend on one man - the MAN- ZiZu...what a way to retire..you have to just applaud this true legend and professional...i have never seen him involved in any scandal or have any trouble with press or such...maybe i missed it..and what a talent..the greatest player of this generation no doubt! hell he bamboozled the brazilians and that takes some doing!..all i want is a great game and let the best team win it and please no red cards or controversies..

  2. Yup. Zizu has never, ever been a prima donna. That's one of the things that's so great about him.

  3. I'm backing Italy too, they deserve that fourth star! Not as much as we deserved a second, but we have to make allowances. And how happy was I when Ronaldo got boo'd every touch last night? Fab.

  4. hey bro..did u see the news about the new signings by the reds...aurelio has joined liverpool- brazilian defender worked with rafa in valencia , also mark "speedy" gonzales$ will be unleashed on the premiership ...so thats four new signings..
    1.craig bellamy (striker)
    2. aurelio (defender)
    3.gabriel paletta (defender)
    4. Mark Gonzales(winger)$

    Hmm cant wait..hope he's as good as rafa says he is...we mite finish 2nd..or could i possibly even dream of challenging the chelski ??:-)heres hoping!

  5. Ok, so I don't watch the world cup but I just wanted to stop in and say hi *waves* I'm back :o)

  6. Pete: I feel sorry for Ronaldo, but it's only a 'taster' of what he should expect from EVERY SINGLE GAME next season.

  7. Hey Youngmum, 'welcome back' !!

    Sppadic: Yeah, I saw all the news. Will be looking forward to the new season in earnest.

  8. Yeah, he'll get it bad next year, but having never liked him and his diving and whinging anyway, I'm not so secretly amused ;)

  9. I had Brazil and Argentina and I still feel that Argentina should have gone further. Before the tournament I felt that it'd be one of Germany, Italy, Brazil or Argentina and I was proved right :D

    Didn't expect France to do much though. What a shame Zidane crowned his final appearance by getting sent off. I never thought of him as the best player ever but I always acknowledged that he was a very good player and that I have been priveledged enough to see him play. It's just such a shame that a player like him should do something so stupid.

    Cannavaro and Gattuso were awesome!