So is the UK now a tropical country? Nigeria (where I come from) is right on the equator, and is as tropical as they come, especially in the north. However have a look at temperature forecasts for today:

Lagos, Southern Nigeria: 26 oC

Abuja, Northern Nigeria: 26 oC

London, UK: 31 oC

Although it's raining in Lagos and Abuja, so that has brought the temperatures down somewhat. However, in Nigeria, everyone has airconditioning. My mum was at my place for a few days, and she was complaining about the heat, in Nigeria, if it was half as hot, the aircondotioning would have been on !!

It's official, the UK is now tropical !!


  1. Agreed. I have been to both countries and its more unbearable here at the moment. At least at the coastal areas in Nigeria you have a sea breeze. Although my favourite for climate is JOs - just perfect! Here in London its unbearable. All I've done so far this morning is walk to the train and I'm dripping. I've taken to wearing vests under my shirts like MrO just to catch the disgusting sweat. Roll on my vacation :)

  2. Halleluiah for the heat bro...hey its true though..atleast back home we have fans..to chill..to be honest the houses are built more for the cold...they get about 4 weeks of sunshine.enjoy this heat while it lasts...hmm having said that london is quite a bit hotter than up here in liverpool..a pleasant and beautiful 28 degrees ....ahh coming from the south of india..not too far from equator..am loving it!:-)

  3. wooo does that mean we get to go to work in bikinis ?

  4. Katharine: Weatherwise, Jos is one of the best places on this planet. Not too hot, not too cold, like you said, just perfect !!!

    SPPADIC: It's hot, it's humid, it's unpleasant, and it's uncomfortable. So no, I'm not loving it.

    FBU: If you hear of anywhere where people go to work in bikinis, let me know. I'll have a job application ready to go faster than you can say, 'sunglasses'

  5. boso, I think beach volleyball teams wear very little else...

    actually come to think of it, I could wear a bikini in work under my lab coat hmmmmm

  6. Over here in Ontario, Canada I don't think it's been under 30 degrees with the humidity for weeks. It's so uncomfortable and hard to do stuff outside with a little one when it's hot like this.

  7. FBU: You could do that, but could you ride your bike to work in a lab coat? If you rode in your bikini, you would leave behind you a lot of crashed cars form drivers who would be staring a little too much.

    Sherri: But I'm sure in Canada, air conditioning is normal. Over here in the UK, air conditioning is too expensive for people to put in their homes, so only offices have it.

  8. It's quite warm here too. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Enjoy it while it lasts as it could be snowing and cold!! YIKES!

  9. you think of everything dont you boso... very community minded, I'll get clothes out for work tomorrow instead of my bikini

  10. It is sweltering! Will be even hotter tomorrow. Nevertheless, wearing my denim-mini today attacted some dirty looks from older people - WHATT?? IT'S HOT!!! God, I could be wearing a bikini, like some of the other bloggers! :|

  11. Boso: I hope your wife doesn't read this blog, changing jobs on account of bikini clad women? You lost that lottery ticket the day you got hooked.

    If you find any such place though, let me know, I'm still fair game ;)

    FBU: Bikini, under your lab coat? hmm.... Lucky for everybody we live on separate continents