To record or not to record?


My wife went for a midwife's appointment, and they called me so I could listen to the little girl's heart racing. It was such a surreal moment !! While I was finishing up my dessert, in the middle of all the noise the staff canteen can produce, I got to listen to my little girl. Brought a massive smile to my face.

Also, I just bought myself a cheap digital camcorder, to use for when the little one arrives. I was asked in the office if I wanted to record the birth. Now, I'd thought about this before, and my decision was a very strong NO. First of all, I think I'll be too nervous/scared/out of my mind to be able to do anything remamarkably close to a good job. My mind will be all over the place, and I won't be able to concentrate. Secondly, my wife will not be 'at her best' if you know what I mean. She'll be in pain, and may not be looking as 'presentable' as she'd like to.

The baby channel on Sky did a show about this, and found that most men thought exactly as I did, but a lot of women actually liked the idea of filming the birth. So I asked my wife, and she agreed with me.

So, all you other mums, mums to be and everyone else out there, what do you think? Would you mind recording the birth of your little ones?


  1. Well, I'd have to go with a no on the filming of the birth. It's not something I'd want everyone to see as like you said, I won't be at my best. Also, I'm pretty sure that I will have VIVID memories of this miraculous event. I just think it's a situation that should be shared in a more private and intimate setting, not in the living room on movie night!

    YEAH GIRLIE'S HEART BEAT!! Trust me it NEVER gets old. I get to hear it once a week now (here in Canada you see your doc every week after 35-36 weeks gestation) and it brings a smile to my face EVERY time I hear it. I'm so glad you got to share in that moment with your wife!

  2. Awwwwwww, your baby's heart beat! :D
    As for recording the birth - hell no! As well as not looking your best, it's the most painful thing a woman can experience, plus it's just downright gross..

  3. still no on that. I know I would not want to see my mother giving birth to me. Just my opinion though.

  4. I figured most women wouldn't want it recorded. But the recording is not for the parents, it's for the child to see when he/she gets older. So, what do you think?

  5. No way to I want to see my birth. My father tells me often enough what it was like as he was there and thats graphic enough for me. By all means keep a mental note and journal it afterwards but photos etc - yuk!

    Hearing the heartbeat is soooo cool. Now I feel broody.

  6. not to be extremely old-fashioned ..i know people say that birth is natural and part of life..but err i agree with u bro..i wouldnt want to record it..err talk bout the mrs being less than presentable and in all that pain....its like insult to injury if ask me..to record it for posterity..look son...this is how u came into this world!..scarring for life..me thinks!!!

    err hopefully when the day comes u will be ok ..well as ok as can be ...oh great news regarding the heart-beat.....the whole worlds gonna change for u and the mrs bro..when she arrives on September 17TH..thats the date..mark it!:-)

  7. Hot topics going on all over the place today.

    As for the recording of the birth- to me, that's a non- no on many different levels. I also don't think my son would care to see himself being born when he's older. There's some things kids shouldn't see. I know that's a big debate on it's own.

    As for hearing the heartbeat- YEAH!! Those visits are always amazing. I can't wait to hear my little one's heart beat at our next visit.

  8. The recording is a no-no. Sppadic's hit it right on the head, scarring for life it is.

    About the heartbeat, that's just so lovely. How about you put it up for download or you auction it. *Sticks foot in mouth*

    Spaddic, keep dreaming, If I can't have her, neither can you. ;)

  9. Let me think, video evidence of me screaming and moaning like a wild animal.... NO THANKS!!!! I knew a guy who not only videoed his wife but posted it on their family web site.... I would have filed for immediate divorce ;o)

    Yay about the heart beat though. That is so exciting.
    I can not wait for you and MM to have your babies.
    You MUST keep us posted with loads of pics and things.

  10. Youngmummy: If he isn't divorced, I guess he must have had consent. How he got it is what I don't know. Maybe he asked her when she was in too much pain to care.

    Pics and updates are a definite GO.

  11. Your first instinct was right, Boso. Concentrate on your wife - not filming. Make memories the old-fashioned way - by remembering.

  12. Luminus: I think your rite, she must have been in either too much pain to care or too druged up to realize what she was saying... ;o)

  13. Youngmum, I don't agree. He would have already had the camcorder, and it was with him when they went to the hospital. She had to have known beforehand.

  14. I don't mind having a camera recording the special occasion... but no filming below the belt, if you catch my drift. No one wants to see that!