No longer a Londoner…

It's official, I no longer live in London. Last week was hectic, packing and transporting all our stuff across London, and then after several trips (my car did 1000 miles in the last 1 month!), unpacking it all again. Unpacking took forever, as we never realised how much stuff we had. Anyway, fortunately, I had the week off, and last night, we looked at each other and declared 'Mission accomplished!'.

SO today was my first day back at work, and I have to say, reducing my commmute from 2 hours to 15 minutes is SUPERB. In fact, this morning, I forgot my security pass at home, and I had to go back and get it, and I was only 10 minutes late !! Yeah, I can definately get used to this.

 In other news, I'm getting really concerned about the situation in the Middle East. Whatever the hell is going on there, I just hope it gets sorted out real soon.


  1. hey bro..glad to hear your all shifted now hehe..welcome to slough isnt it?:-) yeah its terrible news about the middle east..its a full-blown crisis now..with the potential to explode into something that we all fear ...a full scale war...i hope it doesnt get to that..its at times like these that the leaders of the world have to take the right decisions..but hey time will tell..its scary ..israel v the hizbullah...and not to forget the syrians and lebanese...god help them to find a peaceful solution!

  2. hey boso! missed you
    How is it living in the 'burbs ?

  3. FBU: Missed you too !! The 'burbs are COOL !! Very quiet, and people are friendly, unlike London......

    Sppadic: Very scary, isn't it?

  4. Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooo! You made it and in one piece! I'm glad the commute will be easier on you too.

  5. Hey! Congrats on the move and shorter commute, Boso - especially the "mission accomplished" part. I know plenty of people who still have boxes from their move months ago. "1000 miles this month" - I drive that every month... *sigh*

  6. Hey Boso:
    Glad everything went well with the move. It must have been hard on your wife. We moved when I was 6 months pregnant and I hated it.
    The middle east thing is very scary. Do you belive in the second coming because I do and I have to wonder if we are on the brink of it...(which is exciting).
    Also, I don't know why you can't acess my blog.. that is weird. It seems to be working for everyone else...
    Let me know if you continue having problems with it.

  7. Me again, I just noticed you have me as youngmummY. At P27 I am under youngMUM.
    Try that and see if it works.

  8. Ah, I see. Youngmum it is !!

  9. BTW, yup, things are looking very ripe for the second coming !!

  10. Hurrah! Hope you love the new place, boso!

  11. Congrat's on the move, dude! Hope you have fun in your new home!

  12. Congrats on the new digs man, especially on the shorter commute. You know I have first hand experience with that one even as I write this.

    Job well done unpacking too, that's the bit I hate the most, unpacking and then arranging, aaarrgghh!!!

    It takes me ages to unpack even a little bag. Way to go man.