I need a miracle…

Or actually, a new PC would do just fine.

When I bought my current PC, it was at a time when money was tight, and I had just come over to the UK. I spent less than £400 on it, and bought a machine with the very basics, just enough to get me online, and do simple stuff on it. With just 256MB of memory and a Celeron processor, it was no super machine, but it was all mine.

Since then, I've begun to do more and more with the PC. I've upgraded the memory to 1GB now, but with just 2 memory slots, that's all I can do for now, to take the memory up to 2GB would cost £160 for 2 '1 GB' chips !! I've got an external hard drive as well, but with all the programs I run on the PC now, it's running like a dog. It's slow, takes forever to do anything, and it's driving me mad everytime I touch it. For a technophile like myself, it's simply not accpetable anymore. My work PC on the other hand, is everything I wish my PC at home was. 2 3.20 GHz processors, 2 GB of RAM, it's got more juice than some servers I've worked on !!

However, with the baby coming, and all the financial commitments that come with that, my wife's income all but non existent during her maternity leave for the next 6 months, I really can't afford to splash out on a PC right now. Also, with Windows Vista around the corner, why buy a PC with Windows XP now, when I'll be able to get one with Vista in 6 months or so? It's all very, very frustrating and confusing.

I'm on the Dell website everyday, building the PC of my dreams for round about £1000. Plus, I get a 7% discount from Dell through a scheme in my company. I could take a loan from them, and pay about £25 a month for the next 2 years, which to be honest isn't too much. I'm at a loss, but one thing is for sure, something has to be done and soon !!!!


  1. ditch windows and install gentoo linux from the net!cool stuff....:-)ok to get to the matter at hand...whats the budget like bro??coz it mite be cheaper to buy the components and assemble urself...???just a thought...we bought components for the machines here in the lab for 450 pounds odd..and thats for amd 64 bit machine, with 1G of ram..and decent nvidia graphics card too...:-)

  2. I dunno what to tell you! I just work on them man, I know NOTHING about them. We have a MAC at home and I use a PC at work. Sorry hon!

  3. I'm with Sppadic on this one. To build may be cheaper than to buy and eventually runninx a Linux distro off what you have right now would be Sweeeeeeet.

    So, the ball is in your court, then again you can shop around for High End refurbished machines, I guess there's eMachines or some company whose name starts with an "e" and their logo is a cute little "e" that deals in such.

  4. Dude, before you do that, run Abexo Registry Cleaner maybe? It speeded up mine a fair bit so its worth a try. I do ot often now...

  5. Linux? Mac? No way !!! I'm a Windows man through and through !! anything I have has to be easy enough for my wife to use as well......

    Pete, I'll have a look at Abexo registry cleaner, is it free?

  6. Try Red Hat Linux: it's easier to use than Windows, I'm finding. Also, are you buying all new PC kit? I save shedloads of money just by recycling my monitor, keyboard and mouse. Maybe you could buy the hub of a good machine and upgrade as you go along. Also, running of Linux rather than windows will save you about £400 on software...

  7. Yes, sure is absolutley free.