I know this is a long shot but….

Does anyone have a copy of yesterday's metro? I'm after an advert in the paper from Vonage, which offers unlimited calls to the UK, US and other countries forever for £7.99. I need to know the number on that advert.

If you can get a copy, can you please let me know the number, as the offer ends tomorrow. Thanks.


  1. Sorry, boso, 'fraid not :( Good luck!

  2. You're in luck Boso, I have a copy! The number is:
    0808 178 9619 and for more info, www.vonage.co.uk

  3. Whats the metro?
    *Bloody Northerners* :)

  4. Panda: you're a star !! Thanks so much.

    Feathers: I will refrain from commenting.

  5. Always happy to help ;)
    Oh god, I sound like a Tesco ad.. :|

  6. Lol.

    Thanks again, I signed up this morning. If you signed up via their website, or called the number on the website, you weren't going to get the unlimited international calls included in the package. The only way to get that was to call that number !!