Feeling hot, hot, hot

Airconditioning in my office seems to be off for some unfathomable reason. As a result, we're all sweaty, and I think this means I'm sneaking out of the office as early as possible !!

Had a good weekend. However, broadband is STILL not working, still waiting for BT to sort out the problems at the exchange. I'm becoming fed up with all of this..........

On the other hand, we went shopping for the baby on Saturday. I was starving, and I was recovering from an early morning dentist visit, where I'd gained 2 new fillings. My mouth was numb, my stomach was aching and my head was pounding. Needless to say, I annoyed my wife in ways I didn't even realise were possible. I felt like I was in a haze, and the entire experience seems like s fuzzy memory. All I can remember in vivid detail was the final cost of everything £250 !! And we haven't even bought the pushchair yet !! The pushchair is going to set us back another £250-300 !!

Advice to everyone, if you haven't got massive savings, then having a baby might NOT be a good idea !!


  1. LOL, my husband always walks around in a daze when I make him shop with me...even if he was perfectly fine befor we walked in the mall ;o)
    I agree babies are very expensive...but worth every penny.

  2. yipes thats a LOT of money to spend on someone who hasnt even been born yet! It would scare the boy to know that I already have first dibs on my friend' buggy but i do

  3. YM: I'm sure you're right !!

    FBU: That would scare THE PANTS off the boy !!

  4. Soory about the heat man,
    If there's anything I can't stand it's heat. Hop eit gets fixed soon.

    Ahem, going shopping with your wife isn't necessarily the most fun thing in the world unless you have the stomach for it.

    Kudos to the women though, I remember back in the day when my Pops would yak about this and that not being in the soup, when the poor old lady had to buy whjat little there was with more of her money than what he gave her for shopping.

    She took him out shopping one day and like you he could only remember the total amount. Needless to say he never complained again.

  5. Yeah, dude the heat is such a killer! I bet the first time you hold the new babies hand you forget all the outlay.

  6. Babe, may I suggest you use eBay rather than high street shops for some items. I'm not a parent but I just look in Mothercare window and die with shock at the prices!! I know second hand goods aren't very flash but babies form all I have seen grow so fast that they don't use anything for very long. I have been buying and selling on eBay now for a couple of months and its like a dream come true. Items for my holiday will be bought, used for a week and resold. IT helps the environment and my bank balance. What could be better.

  7. heat is getting a bit stifling err..as for shopping with the mrs..hehe guess will have to wait to experience that ...or rather try wait to avoid it!:-) having a kid is expensive!!!

  8. Yeah! Having a kid is expensive, but when you hold that kid in your arms, everything is right with the world.

    Sppadic, when it's your turn, you'll see.

  9. Did you mean: 'if you haven't got massive savings, then having a kid might NOT be a good idea'..?

  10. Panda, you have a goood eye, thanks for spotting that !! Will edit ASAP.