My mobile phone…..


 is busted. Last night, something inside the phone snapped, and it is no longer charging. ARRGH. With the current battery levels, I'm guessing I have about 1, maybe 2 days of power left in the phone.

I'm kinda fed up With Sony Ericsson phones, this is my second one, the last one had battery problems after about a year. Then again, phones today aren't made to last, how else would the manufacturers be sure you'll come back for a new one?

I was planning to move networks from T-Mobile, but I guess I'm stuck with them for at least another year, as I plan to upgrade the phone today or tomorrow, which sadly means signing another 12 month contract. I think I'm going for a Nokia phone now, I wasn't their biggest fan a few years ago, but I have to say that my most reliable phone has been a Nokia.

I hope to get the 6230i, which is completely compatible with the TomTom. Let's wait and see.


  1. I've got the 6230i. It's not too bad but it takes absolutely ages to exit programs, which is extremely annoying. Oh, and although I have the profiles set to specific ringtones, when someone calls me, it is up to chance which tone rings. Crazy isn't it??

  2. I've just picked up the phone. My old phone is desperately out of battery power now, so I have to transfer the numbers before it's too late !!

  3. Boso, I'm getting a new phone too, as mine broke. You may want to look at Virgin, if you get a contract with them in a virgin store you get double mins and texts at the mo!

  4. hey bro..thats the phone i have rite now and has served me well...play videos and mp3 and also does decent job with multi-media messaging..I must say that i too have had the strange problems with configured ringtones...but otherwise been very nice indeed...atleast u can hear sting sing away everytime my phone rings..:-)

  5. Shame. It's a very handsome looking phone - d'you think it can be repaired? I have an older nonfancy phone but it's working terrif.

  6. The headset doesn't reach the phone. so the sound in the left ears dissapears when there's a slight development on the headset. Anyone with the same issue?