Just another manic Monday….

Wow, I can't believe the weekend is over, it was so quick !! I really enjoyed this weekend though, I was in Chatham for a wedding on Saturday, where I managed to hook up with loads of old friends, and saw some people I hadn't seen for AGES. It was really fun, and at times, I wished the day wouldn't end. Chatham/Rochester is a really beautiful seaside town, and I have to say I would really like to visit there again !!

 This week, I haven't got too much planned. Waiting for the references to come through, so we can finally sign the lease on our new flat.  3 weeks to go till we move, I can't wait !!


  1. SOunds like you had a FAB weekend. I'm a sucker for weddings.......specially when they involve old friends! Try not to be too busy this week my dear. Take er one day at a time!

  2. So sorry your wonderful weekend is over... but that means you a bit closer to the move! I love those kind of changes - a chance to start over in a new place.

  3. hey bro...well cool stuff for adding links and tags..nice! anyways...wishing u all the best
    and seems lfc r in talks with bellamy...and alves the brazilian defender also seems to be on his way..

  4. Thanks guys.

    MM: After the weekend you had, I should be telling you to take it easy !!

    Nikki: Yes, we are also quite excited about it.

    Sppadic: Have you given up your blog? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, I think we should go for the Spanish guy villa, not Bellamy, he's much too much trouble !!