I don’t like football….I LOVE IT !!!


Wow, ever since the world cup started I've watched at least one football match EVERY SINGLE DAY. Since the 9th of June. It's been a wonderful festival of the beautiful game, and we've had some crackers over the last 2 weeks. Last night's match between Portugal and Holland was particulary interesting, the 4 red cards handed out is a world cup record !! Sadly, after tomorrow, I'll have to wait till Friday to get my next football fix. Why? What will I do on those dark nights, with no internet, no football? What? I'm going to start crying in a minute...........

Well, I had Friday as a day off, but it was anything but. The almost 2 hour drive from East London to Langley is very draining, and the week we move, I'll have to do that journey twice every single day !! I'll need a holiday at the end of it all, but.....er, no, I've virtually used up all my holidays this year, so that's not happening.

Anyway, we pick up the keys to the new flat on Saturday, and the move begins. I guess that means I have to start packing. Loads to do, so little time !!

How was everybody's weekend?


  1. I loved the match ysterday! The referees can sure turn a game!
    I had a good weekend thanks. Loving the footy and I ate an extrememly large amount of food too!
    Good luck with the move. Remeber it is going to be stressful so count to ten and hopefully it will go well. :)

  2. hey bro..gotta say that was some game..the players well most of them deserved the cards they got..and some of the diving and cynical fouling was just plain stupid..lets put it this way..theres some major bad blood between these two teams!!! well i reckon england should beat this portugal team..hell they wont get a better chance thats
    for sure!..

  3. I seriously don't see England beating the Portuguese. I think England can't cope with their pace, and let's face it, they will struggle to score a goal !!

  4. I agree, I hate to say it but I think England will be knocked out next match :s
    I had a great weekend, thanks! It was too short though.
    The weather is crappy today which makes me grumpy!

  5. Moving is a pain in the butt.. I hate it.
    I hope your poor wife doesn't get too stressed out over the whole thing.
    My weekend was good...busy but good.
    We leave for Scottland in 2 days... YAY!!!

  6. Scotland....? Nice, that's really close to us over here !!

  7. Oh, I knew you'd be flipping out over the world cup! :-) I'm happy you're happy!